Tom Brady is almost certainly retired for good. He has a very high-paying TV job lined up, and he could soon be a partial owner of a team, something that could render this entire discussion useless.


The future Hall of Famer was on the “DeepCut with VicBlends” podcast (hat tip to Ari Meirov) where Vic (or is it Blends?) asked Brady whether he’d take a midseason call from a team looking to replace an injured quarterback.

Brady’s go-to response in the back and forth? “I wouldn’t be opposed to it,” he says after the barber starts to ask him the question.

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Then, unprompted, Brady mentions the Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders.

“God forbid, somebody goes down, would you pick up that phone?” Vic Blends asks Brady.

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“I’m not opposed to it. I don’t know if they’re gonna let me if I become an owner in an NFL team, but I don’t know if — I don’t know, I’m always going to be in good shape, I’m always gonna be able to throw the ball, so to come in for a little bit like (Michael Jordan) coming back — I don’t know if they’d let me — but I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

It’s certainly a fun thing to consider, a juicy headline to write, and it would completely turn the NFL world upside down. But let’s not hold our collective breath. As Brady mentions, he seems to be on his way to joining the Las Vegas Raiders’ ownership, so that might be an issue.

Also, dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that the “DeepCut” podcast is produced by Shadow Lion production company. Among Shadow Lion’s projects: the “Tom vs. Time” Facebook series, “The Great Brady Heist” documentary and an animated series titled “Thanks Tom” that isn’t an ode to the scheming cat who chased around the mouse. Furthermore, a quick Google search produces a Hollywood Reporter piece from 2023 titled “Meet Tom Brady’s Hollywood Marketing Machine: Shadow Lion.”

Maybe he plays football again. What’s just as likely is this a real convenient way to get people talking (guilty) about Brady and his appearance on this podcast.

That probably won’t stop Patriots fans from daydreaming about drafting a quarterback with the No. 3 pick in this month’s draft and letting that guy sit behind Brady for a year or two after the QB makes a dramatic announcement at his own night of honor in June that he’s coming back.

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