The Celtics have a tremendous opportunity in front of them, one that’s almost too good to be true.

The stage is set for Boston to win its 18th championship in franchise history. The Celtics are one series away from coming out of a very weak Eastern Conference and they won’t have to worry about running into the 2023 champion Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals. One could argue this is Boston’s most favorable path to a title in recent memory.

So when Shannon Sharpe on Monday was asked if it’s championship or bust for the C’s, the “First Take” co-host didn’t have to think twice.

“Absolutely, 1,000%,” Sharpe said on ESPN. “They’re loitering around greatness. At some point in time, you have to go in. They’re window shopping greatness. When are you going to go in and purchase it? When are you going to go in and be about it? I don’t want to hear anything, ‘Oh, Jayson Tatum can be the face of the league.’ I don’t want to hear nothing, ‘He’s so young. He’s 25 and he’s already gone to this many conference finals. He’s been to the NBA Finals.’ At some point in time, you got to kick the door in and go inside.

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“There are no excuses. I don’t want to hear nothing. They’re healthy. Obviously, (Kristaps) Porzingis is not there, but they should have more than enough with two All-Stars. (Jrue) Holiday is a tremendous defender, Derrick White is a tremendous defender. Jayson Tatum, both guys are athletic and can do it from all three areas. If they do not win the championship this year, it is a failure of epic proportions.”

It’s borderline impossible to argue with Sharpe’s stance. The Celtics have a loaded roster, have largely avoided the injury bug and have caught breaks along the way. That’s a classic recipe for a banner, and Boston can’t afford to let this opportunity go by the wayside.

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The C’s will try to take another step toward the Finals on Tuesday when they play their Eastern Conference finals series opener against the Indiana Pacers at TD Garden.

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