Jaylen Brown still has a bone to pick with Stephen A. Smith.

Brown made as much clear Friday via his attire for the Celtics’ NBA championship through the streets of Boston. The 2024 Finals MVP wore a T-shirt plastered with “State Your Source,” the same rebuttal Brown used on Smith in late May when the “First Take” host shared a damning report about the Celtics star.

The three-time All-Star didn’t stop there, though. Brown on Saturday took to Instagram to share a series of photos from the parade, and he tagged Smith in a caption that read “State your source.”

Smith already has stated he will not reveal the source who claimed Brown’s marketability suffers due to his “I’m better than you” attitude. Furthermore, the ESPN star has made it clear those were not his feelings about Brown, who he admires greatly for his work both on and off the court.

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So, while Brown is well within his rights to take digs at Smith, he might be wasting energy giving attention to the popular personality. It shouldn’t be difficult to focus elsewhere either, as the 27-year-old should enjoy the fruits of his labor this summer and ultimately shift to preparing for a title defense.

Featured image via Brian Fluharty/USA TODAY Sports Images