BOSTON — Boston Bruins prospect Jackson Edward is a prototypical hard-nosed, hard-hitting skater who will fit in perfectly within the Black and Gold’s organization — if he can learn to control the “best part” of his game.

Playing with an edge, the 6-foot-2, 194-pound defenseman can sometimes find himself in the penalty box. The 20-year-old amassed 253 penalty minutes in 178 games with the OHL’s London Knights.

Edward is aware he needs to toe the line a little bit closer, but he does not want to eliminate it from his game completely.

“I think it’s something you need to manage,” Edward said after Day 2 of Bruins development camp at Warrior Ice Arena on Tuesday. “There’s always an extent you can go to. I think finding that line is something I was working on a lot this year because it’s one of the best parts of my game and something I like to implement in my game. Just finding a balance of toeing that line between not taking myself out of plays but still playing with that edge.”

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The 2022 Bruins draft pick played for former NHL player and coach Dale Hunter. Hunter had a staggering 3,565 penalty minutes in 1,407 games for the Quebec Nordiques, Washington Capitals and Colorado Avalanche. Edward credits Hunter and his other Knights coaches for helping him learn to reign in some of his nasty play.

“It was amazing. Learned so much from those guys,” Edward said. “Went in (the OHL) barely knowing how to play defense and came out … I’d say more of a defender now. I think they taught me a lot as far as just the way of the game.

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“They taught me a lot as far as toeing the line, and that was something I really dialed in on with my (defensive) coach this year. Making sure I’m not taking myself out of place and still playing smart, but keeping my edge.”

Edward, who will likely become a fan favorite, plans to spend the rest of the offseason training in the Toronto area before making his way to Providence Bruins for his first pro season in the AHL.

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Featured image via Gayle Troiani / NESN