Tutu Atwell Outshines Jahan Dotson on Week 3 Docket

In the glitzy, glamorous world of Los Angeles, the Rams have always been known for their explosive offense. But as the 2023 season progresses, the fantasy football scene is abuzz with a name many didn’t expect: Tutu Atwell. Let’s delve deep into why he might be your next crucial pick.

Unearthing Value in the Browns’ Receiving Corps

Dotson vs. Atwell: A Surprise Twist

  • Jahan Dotson: Highly anticipated, but hasn’t delivered as expected
  • Tutu Atwell: The dark horse with promising numbers

The Rams’ Receiver Situation

While Jahan Dotson was the name most were betting on, the tides seem to be changing. Atwell, whom many might not have even considered drafting, has posted impressive numbers. With 13 catches from 17 targets and a total of 196 yards, Atwell’s showing promise even without touchdowns to his name.

Why the Dotson Hype Fizzled Out

Despite his promising run-up to the season, Dotson hasn’t lived up to expectations. This isn’t to suggest he should be written off completely, but the initial excitement around his potential has undoubtedly cooled down. A trend has emerged, and for now, that trend seems to lean heavily in Atwell’s favor.

Decisions, Decisions: Who to Start This Week?

When the Rams face Cincinnati, a team potentially without their star, Joe Burrow, it makes sense to tilt toward Atwell. Considering the Buffalo defense’s lackluster performance, Atwell seems to be in a good spot. However, if you’ve started the season with a good record and want to take a risk on Dotson, that’s a call you’ll have to make.

A Word to the Wise: Follow the Trend

While loyalty to high draft picks is commendable, fantasy football is about adaptation and quick decisions. If you’re looking to avoid the dreaded 0-3 start, Atwell seems to be the safer bet for now. But as always, monitor the situation, and if Dotson begins to rise, be ready to pivot.

Final Thoughts

In the world of fantasy football, early trends can set the tone for the season. While the situation may change, for now, Tutu Atwell seems to be the Rams’ wide receiver you’d want in your lineup. Keep a close eye on team dynamics and be ready to adjust – after all, it’s all in a day’s play in the unpredictable world of NFL fantasy football.

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Betting Insights on Week 3 Cowboys vs. Cardinals Matchup

In the high-stakes world of NFL betting, the Dallas Cowboys face-off against the Arizona Cardinals is set to be an enticing showdown. With Arizona’s unexpected rise and Dallas’ powerful start, where should you place your bets? Let’s dissect this NFC battle.

Unearthing Value in the Browns’ Receiving Corps

The Unexpected Cardinals

  • The Cardinals’ Surprise: Against common belief, the Cardinals have defied expectations and showcased their capability on the field.
  • Emotional Resilience: Can the Cardinals rise above after the taxing game against the New York Giants? Their emotional state after that game might play a pivotal role.

The Dominant Dallas

  • A Powerful Start: With a staggering combined score of 70-10 in their first two games, Dallas has sent a clear message of their dominance.
  • Dak’s Impressive Streak: Dak Prescott’s consistent performance, especially as a significant favorite, is a crucial factor to consider.

The Betting Conundrum

While Dallas’s stats make them an obvious favorite, betting solely based on numbers might be a risky game.

  • Cardinals’ Rushing Attack: James Conner’s performance against the New York Giants was nothing short of impressive. If he replicates that against Dallas, the dynamics could shift.
  • Dallas’s Defensive Strategy: Dallas’s strength lies in countering the rushing attack, making teams one-dimensional. If they stick to this strategy, the game might tilt in their favor.

The College Comparison

  • The Spotlight Effect: Just like marquee college football matchups like Alabama vs. Notre Dame, the intensity and reputation of playing against the Cowboys might motivate the Cardinals to put up a fierce fight, at least in the first half.

Final Betting Advice

Considering the various factors in play, while Arizona will likely put up a tough fight, Dallas’s powerful offensive and defensive lines might ultimately prevail. If you believe Dallas is as motivated as they’ve shown, laying the number seems to be a solid bet. However, always be cautious and monitor pre-game dynamics closely.

Remember, in the unpredictable realm of NFL betting, it’s crucial to weigh in all perspectives and make an informed decision. Happy betting!

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Javonte Williams: The Broncos' Rushing Diamond in the Rough

In the mile-high city of Denver, there’s a growing chorus amongst the Broncos’ faithful – and that’s the buzz around Javonte Williams. As fantasy leagues approach their pivotal weeks, we dive into why Williams might just be the gem you’ve been looking for in your roster.

DFS Cost-Benefit Analysis for Bijan Robinson in Week 3

Unleashing Williams: Over/Under on Rush Attempts

  • Rush Attempts Over/Under: 12.5
  • Expert Take: Lean towards the over

Time for a Change in Strategy for the Broncos

The season hasn’t exactly started the way Broncos fans might have hoped. With a record standing at 0-2 and inconsistent performances, perhaps it’s time for the coaching staff to make a strategic pivot. The focal point? Javonte Williams. With Russell Wilson’s mixed performances, Williams emerges as a potential key asset.

Dispelling the Samaje Perine Narrative

While there’s been a buzz about Samaje Perine, the numbers speak a different language. It’s becoming clear that Williams could be the answer Denver has been looking for. His steady increase in rushing attempts, especially with last week’s tally of 12, indicates a growing trust from the coaching staff.

Draft Talent and October Projections

For those who’ve been keenly observing the draft, Williams has consistently been a favored pick. Alongside other notable names like Raheem Mostert and Breece Hall, Javonte’s trajectory points towards RB1 territory by October. His potential, especially when weighed against his draft cost, suggests a lucrative investment.

Time to Unleash the Williams Beast

If the Broncos aim to turn their season around, capitalizing on Williams’ prowess seems like a smart move. The time feels ripe to increase his workload, allowing him to prove his worth on the field. It’s not about getting him to a 20-carry game, but a sweet spot between 12 and 15 seems logical.

Final Whistle

For fantasy managers, keeping a keen eye on the Denver Broncos’ game script in the coming weeks is crucial. If predictions hold, Javonte Williams might just be the season’s breakout star, offering fantasy teams a robust addition. It’s all about taking calculated risks – and betting on Williams seems like a play that could pay rich dividends.

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Chargers' Keenan Allen: Fantasy Football's Underrated Gem

From the streets of Los Angeles to the virtual arenas of fantasy football, the buzz around Keenan Allen is undeniable. With fantasy leagues abuzz about the potential for the upcoming games, here’s an in-depth look into why Allen is making waves and what fantasy managers can expect.

DFS Cost-Benefit Analysis for Bijan Robinson in Week 3

The Keenan Allen Resurgence

The whispers around Keenan Allen’s resurgence aren’t just rumors; they are backed by solid numbers. Once seen as the pinnacle of wide-receiver performance, Allen today is not only poised to return to his prime but could very well surpass it. The implied game totals signal a productive day for Allen, further solidifying his position as an automatic fantasy start.

By The Numbers: Allen’s Over/Under Predictions

  • Receptions Over/Under: 6.5
  • Receiving Yards Over/Under: 71.5
  • Expert Take: Over for both metrics

Why Keenan Allen is a Fantasy Must-Start

The rationale is simple. The expected game totals indicate that both offenses are expected to bring their A-game, translating to a heightened passing volume. When pitted against teams with defensive vulnerabilities, like the absence of strong corners seen in many teams who used to rely on stars like Stefan Gilmore, the opportunities for Allen to shine are ample.

Mike Williams: The Unexpected Ally

While Keenan Allen’s prowess is widely acknowledged, the potential of fellow teammate Mike Williams shouldn’t be overlooked. In a matchup scenario that leans heavily towards man-to-man defense, players like Williams, when paired with Allen, can cause a serious threat to any defense. This dynamic could open up the field even more for Allen.

Week 3: A Potential Field Day for Allen

Both Zay Flowers and Keenan Allen are chart-toppers this week. With a promising game script, both players are pegged to have stellar performances. For Allen, especially, Week 3 might just be the setting for a monumental game.

Final Touchdown

For those steering the ship of their fantasy teams, it’s clear: Keenan Allen is not just a safe bet but a potentially game-changing one. As the Chargers prepare for the upcoming clash, one thing’s certain – Allen is set to light up both the scoreboard and fantasy leaderboards.

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Baltimore Ravens' Secret Weapon: Zay Flowers

As fantasy football enthusiasts dig deep into their weekly lineups, there’s a name on the Baltimore Ravens’ roster that’s starting to stand out and gain traction – Zay Flowers. Let’s dive into what makes him the potential next breakout star, especially when considering the fantasy implications.

DFS Cost-Benefit Analysis for Bijan Robinson in Week 3

Zay Flowers: The Breakdown

  • Reception Over/Under: 4.5
  • Receiving Yards Over/Under: 48.5
  • SportsGrid Verdict: Over for both

Why Flowers is Flourishing

The Ravens’ wide receiver, Zay Flowers, has emerged as a consistent threat in the passing game. While many may attribute his increased targets to the absence of other star receivers, like Mark Andrews and Odell Beckham, Flowers is garnering attention on his own merit.

The rationale behind backing Flowers isn’t just nostalgia. It’s founded on hard stats. With 15 targets and an astounding 13 receptions, Flowers showcases a reliability many wide receivers strive for.

A Fresh Perspective on Fantasy Value

Zay Flowers has yet to find the end zone this season, but adding a single touchdown to his stats can elevate his ranking dramatically, showcasing the fluid nature of fantasy value.

It’s also important to note the significance of touchdowns. With a single touchdown, Flowers jumps from WR31 to WR22. Add another, and suddenly, he’s in the coveted WR1 spot. This impressive leap displays Flowers’ potential impact on a fantasy lineup.

Facing Off Against the Colts’ Secondary

The matchup against the Indianapolis Colts, whose secondary has been less than impressive, provides a golden opportunity for Flowers to shine. With quarterbacks like CJ Stroud racking up impressive numbers against this defense, one can only wonder what Lamar Jackson and his offensive arsenal will achieve.

Final Thoughts

With Zay Flowers rising through the ranks and proving his mettle, he’s one to watch, not only for Ravens fans but for fantasy football managers across the board. He’s a testament to the belief that fantasy gold can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places. Keep an eye on Flowers as the Ravens march forward into the season; he may just be the difference-maker your fantasy team needs.

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Navigating NFL Fantasy Amidst a Flurry of Injuries

In the ever-changing landscape of the NFL, injuries can make or break a fantasy manager’s week. As we inch further into the season, it’s clear that the unexpected is becoming the norm. But for the prepared fantasy football aficionado, there’s always a way to navigate.

Brian Robinson Jr. is the Unsung Hero of the Commanders

The Brutal Truth about Concussions

When it comes to players entering concussion protocol, recent trends indicate a strong inclination towards erring on the side of caution. Whether it’s Jaylen Waddle or Anthony Richardson, it’s becoming increasingly clear: if they’re in the protocol, don’t count on them for the week. The league has become more prudent since the Tua Tagovailoa situation, and this conservative approach is showing in lineup decisions across teams.

Quarterback Quandaries in Week 3

  • Gardner Minshew: With Anthony Richardson out, Minshew gets the nod.
  • Andy Dalton: Injuries to Bryce Young have propelled Andy Dalton into action.

Fantasy managers must keep an eye on these situations, as week 3 promises its own set of surprises from the QB position.

Wounded Wide Receivers in Week 3

  • Jaylen Waddle: Even after returning to practice, Waddle is out for the week.
  • Christian Watson: His hamstring situation remains uncertain, but there’s hope.

Running Back Riddles in Week 3

  • Saquon Barkley’s High Ankle Sprain: After a confusing array of news from the Giants camp, it seems Saquon is likely out for more than just this week.
  • Jamaal Williams and Kendre Miller: With Williams out, Miller steps up.
  • Jerome Ford: Following a stellar Monday night, expectations are high, but can he replicate the performance?

With additional complications like Alvin Kamara’s suspension and the Jonathan Taylor situation, fantasy managers have their hands full. Besides the surefire stars like Christian McCaffrey and Bijan Robinson, running back selections have become increasingly intricate.

DFS Cost-Benefit Analysis for Bijan Robinson in Week 3

Final Thoughts

Injuries are an inevitable part of the game. The trick for fantasy football enthusiasts is to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate shifts, and act decisively. As Week 3 unfolds, it’s crucial to keep these situations in mind and adjust rosters accordingly. The reward? A potential edge over the competition and the sweet taste of fantasy victory.

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Kirk Cousins: DFS Fantasy Gold in the Land of Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings, often revered for their staunch defense and purple pride, are making waves in the fantasy football realm. At the heart of this surge is their franchise quarterback, Kirk Cousins. And it’s about time the fantasy community starts taking note.

DFS Cost-Benefit Analysis for Bijan Robinson in Week 3

The Surprising Stats of Cousins in 2023

Let’s dive deep into some stats that might reshape your view of Cousins in your fantasy lineups.

QB2 and Rising

Despite the often divisive opinions surrounding him, Cousins stands tall as the QB2 on the season. His numbers are not just impressive; they are a testament to his evolving skillset and offensive dynamics.

Digging Deeper

Through two games, Cousins has thrown for at least 344 in each contest. Numbers that not only raise eyebrows but cement his position as a top-tier quarterback option.

A Stellar Start to the Season

In the first two games of 2023, Cousins posted some astonishing numbers:

  • 64 completions out of 88 attempts
  • A completion rate of 72%
  • A total of 708 passing yards
  • An average of eight yards per attempt
  • A staggering six touchdowns
  • A minuscule one interception
  • An enviable passer rating of 114.2

Numbers don’t lie, and these stats are a clarion call for fantasy managers to recognize the prowess of Kirk Cousins.

The Past vs. The Present

Yes, it’s undeniable. Cousins has had his moments of faltering during prime-time games in the past. Yet, the 2023 season speaks of a different narrative. As of now, Cousins is undefeated in letting down his fantasy managers.

The Cam Akers Conundrum

With the Vikings struggling in their ground game and Cam Akers yet to find his rhythm, the onus of moving the chains falls squarely on Cousins. This situation only accentuates his role and volume, making him a prime fantasy pick.

Brian Robinson Jr. is the Unsung Hero of the Commanders

A Final Fantasy Tip

If this week’s numbers and trends are any indication, rostering Cousins seems like a wise decision. He’s poised to be a potential QB1 by the week’s end, especially with the anticipated shootout against the Chargers.

Value Play in Week 3 and Beyond

In conclusion, while predictions in the NFL come with their own risks, banking on Kirk Cousins for this week and perhaps for the season might be one of the safer bets. Embrace the stats, trust the numbers, and let Cousins lead your fantasy team to victory.

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Unearthing Value in the Browns' Receiving Corps

The unpredictability of the NFL often leaves fantasy football managers grappling with choices, especially when they involve teams with fluctuating performance metrics. One such dilemma centers around the Cleveland Browns and, more specifically, their wide receiver, Amari Cooper.

Brian Robinson Jr. is the Unsung Hero of the Commanders

The Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans: Setting the Stage

Facing a robust run front like the Tennessee Titans brings unique challenges. The numbers post Nick Chubb’s injury only underline these issues, with the betting odds shifting in the Titans’ favor. While many assume that the Browns will struggle with their ground game against the Titans, it inevitably brings the air game into sharper focus.

Amari Cooper’s Undervalued Potential

Analyzing last year’s data, Amari Cooper consistently performed better at home. Given that the Titans’ match is on home turf, it offers a tempting proposition for fantasy managers to consider. Priced at just $6,200 on FanDuel and $5,700 on DraftKings, Cooper represents a bargain WR1 in this offense.

Deshaun Watson’s Mixed Performances: A Blessing in Disguise?

There’s no denying that Deshaun Watson has had mixed performances recently, especially in divisional games. However, his upcoming match against the Titans’ secondary offers an avenue for potential redemption. With the onus likely on the passing game, Watson could find his groove, making Amari Cooper an even more appealing fantasy pick.

DFS Cost-Benefit Analysis for Bijan Robinson in Week 3

Backfield Conundrum: Jerome Ford or a Committee Approach?

While the general consensus drifts towards Jerome Ford taking over the backfield responsibilities in Nick Chubb’s absence, it might end up being more of a committee approach. This uncertainty only adds weight to the belief that the Browns will look to their aerial assets, emphasizing Amari Cooper’s role.

Other Noteworthy Matchups

Speaking of secondary challenges, Calvin Ridley stands out as a valuable pick against the Houston Texans, especially given the injuries in their secondary, including talented safety Jalen Pitre. Pairing the likes of Trevor Lawrence and Calvin Ridley could be an under-the-radar strategy that pays dividends for savvy fantasy managers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, fantasy success hinges not just on picking stars but also on uncovering hidden gems. Amari Cooper, in the backdrop of the Browns’ match against the Titans, stands out as one such gem, waiting to be tapped into by those willing to see beyond the obvious. Don’t just play by the book; sometimes, reading between the lines is where the true rewards lie.

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DFS Cost-Benefit Analysis for Bijan Robinson in Week 3

The Atlanta Falcons have always had some thrilling players to watch, from the days of Michael Vick to the more recent era of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. But today, let’s dive into a name that’s recently started echoing around the fantasy football world: Bijan Robinson.

Value Picks and Strategic Pivots for Week 3 Wide Receivers

Bijan’s Sudden Surge

A name like Bijan Robinson might not have been at the tip of your tongue six months ago. Still, the stats don’t lie. With back-to-back finishes as RB8 and an impressive RB6 overall ranking in half-point PPR leagues, Robinson has firmly established himself as a fantasy football darling in a short time.

Bijan and Detroit’s Ford Field: A Winning Combination

It’s undeniable that Robinson has benefited from some fortunate matchups. But this might become even more evident at Detroit’s Ford Field, which Andrew Erickson from Fantasy Pros poignantly labeled as the “Coors Field of Fantasy Football.” This comparison denotes a place where, much like in baseball, high-scoring games have become the norm. Whether it’s the atmosphere, the Lions’ defense, or the magical dome – Bijan will thrive.

Last week’s game saw Robinson churn out 124 yards on 19 carries, catching four passes for an additional 48 yards. And all this without scoring a touchdown.

The Price and Value Proposition

Now, no one’s denying that Bijan’s fantasy price tag is steep. But there’s a method to the madness. On a slate dominated by backup RBs and underperformers, paying a premium for Robinson might just be the key to standing out in your league.

Invest in Jake Ferguson for a Potential Big Week 3

Why Bijan is Worth the Investment

Here’s the real fantasy gem: Bijan Robinson guarantees receptions. His DK price is at $7,800, and he’s proving himself to be a touchdown magnet with the potential for big plays. As the Falcons begin to lean more on Robinson, especially with a young QB like Desmond Ridder at the helm, his volume will surely skyrocket.

Robinson’s appeal grows even more significant when you consider the absence of other fantasy giants like Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, and other Monday night performers. Instead of sifting through a sea of questionable running back choices, you’re getting surefire answers with Robinson.

Fantasy Strategy: Diversify and Differentiate

This third week suggests a multi-entry strategy for fantasy players. It’s essential to craft various lineups, given the unexpected high-scoring games that might pop up. For example, the Baltimore Ravens could be poised for a passing extravaganza against a lackluster Colts secondary.

But at the heart of your lineup? Bijan Robinson stands tall. His recent surge is more than just a flash in the pan; it’s the making of a fantasy football legend. As we always say, the goal is to be right – and banking on Robinson seems to be the right call for now.

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Rethinking Fantasy Strategies in Week 3 – Who to Target?

The dynamics of the NFL and the unpredictability of games make fantasy football a challenging yet rewarding venture. There’s more to the strategy than merely picking the stars; it’s about knowing when to pivot and finding value even in seemingly inconspicuous places.

Invest in Jake Ferguson for a Potential Big Week 3

The Jefferson Enigma: A Worthwhile Expense?

Justin Jefferson’s pricing stands out like a sore thumb. Given the bracket coverage Jefferson might face, many would argue against his hefty price tag. Yet, considering the potential lack of personnel to fully suppress him, investing in Jefferson might pay off big.

Game Environments: Domed Comforts and Avoiding Weather Woes

In the face of unpredictable East Coast weather, fantasy managers must pivot towards games held in controlled environments, like the domes in Minnesota and Detroit. Removing the unpredictable elements, such as weather, ensures a more level playing field.

The Allure of CeeDee Lamb: An Intriguing Pivot Point

The Dallas Cowboys are showcasing a resurgent offense, and at its core is CeeDee Lamb. While some see the game ahead as a mere practice match for the Cowboys, it’s essential to recognize Lamb’s potential value.

Offensive Dynamics and Fantasy Implications

With a new offensive coordinator in the mix, the Cowboys are still finding their rhythm. While many are betting on Tony Pollard this week, CeeDee Lamb’s attractiveness as an alternative to the pricier Justin Jefferson is worth noting. With an attractive anytime touchdown number and pricing at $8,500 on FanDuel and $7,700 on DraftKings, Lamb stands out as an enticing option.

The Game Strategy: One-Sided Affairs vs. Shootouts

The key to extracting maximum fantasy value might not just be in individual player choices but in understanding game dynamics. For instance, if the Arizona Cardinals lag behind the Dallas Cowboys, the game might see a quiet third quarter, diminishing the fantasy potential. On the contrary, a game like the one involving Jefferson might witness a continuous back and forth, upping the fantasy stakes.

In conclusion, for seasoned and rookie fantasy managers alike, the key lies in strategic pivots and game dynamics understanding. Players like CeeDee Lamb and Justin Jefferson might be the talk of the town, but the broader game strategy will determine fantasy success. Don’t just play the game; master the strategy.

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Jake Ferguson: The Unexpected Fantasy Titan for the Cowboys

For the Dallas Cowboys, the talk of the town isn’t Ezekiel Elliott or Amari Cooper. Instead, fantasy managers are turning their eyes to an unexpected hero: tight end Jake Ferguson. With red zone targets and a juicy matchup ahead, Ferguson is shaping up to be a potential game-changer in the fantasy landscape.

Value Picks and Strategic Pivots for Week 3 Wide Receivers

The Great Tight End Debate: Hawkinson vs. Ferguson

While the spotlight shines bright on T.J. Hockenson with his $7,500 tag on FanDuel and $6,500 on DraftKings, an underground fantasy storm is brewing in Dallas. Jake Ferguson, the Cowboys’ tight end, is a name you’d be wise to keep on your radar.

A Red Zone Magnet: Jake Ferguson’s Appeal

Surprisingly, leading the league in tight end red zone targets, Jake Ferguson is a secret weapon in the Cowboys’ offense. As the Arizona Cardinals’ defense consistently struggles against tight ends, Ferguson’s potential for a breakout game is skyrocketing.

Dak Prescott’s Affinity for Tight Ends

Quarterback Dak Prescott has a storied history of favoring his tight ends, from the twilight years of Jason Witten to the likes of Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz. Now, with the emergence of Jake Ferguson, Prescott’s repertoire has expanded. The training camp buzz, filled with praise for Ferguson, indicated that he was primed for a promising season.

A Productive Tight End Group

The recent NFL seasons have seen a surge in productive tight ends early in their careers. Kyle Pitts set a high benchmark a few seasons back, and now, Ferguson, alongside others like Laporta and Musgrave, are proving their fantasy relevance. It’s an exciting time for managers scouting the next big tight end hit.

Jake Ferguson: The Must-Add Tight End

While many leagues might still have Ferguson lurking in the waivers, the signs are clear: this is the time to invest. For those in need of a tight end boost, streaming Ferguson could be your ticket to a winning week.

In conclusion, the Dallas Cowboys’ Jake Ferguson might not have been the first name on everyone’s draft list. Still, his rising red zone targets and favorable matchups ahead make him a fantasy asset too valuable to ignore. Don’t miss the chance to ride the Ferguson wave.

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Brian Robinson Jr. is the Unsung Hero of the Commanders

For the Washington Commanders, the name on everyone’s fantasy radar right now isn’t Terry McLaurin. Instead, it’s the rising star Brian Robinson Jr., whose impressive stats and shockingly good value are shaking up the fantasy football landscape.

Invest in Jake Ferguson for a Potential Big Week 3

Brian Robinson vs. Bijan Robinson: A Price Perspective

Let’s start with the dollar signs. While Bijan Robinson is taking the spotlight with his steep price tags ($9,000 on FanDuel, $7,800 on DraftKings), Brian Robinson comes in as a tantalizing bargain. At $7,500 on FanDuel and a mere $5,800 on DraftKings, Brian Robinson presents a compelling case for fantasy managers looking for a steal.

Brian’s Stats Speak Volumes

But this isn’t just about numbers. Brian Robinson’s on-field performance has been nothing short of electric. With the title of RB3 for the season, he’s been on a tear. His recent breakout game saw him score twice, bringing his season total to three touchdowns. It’s clear Coach Ron Rivera’s game plan hinges on Robinson. The team’s strategy is evident: ground and pound with Robinson, play tight defense, and secure wins. And so far, with a 2-0 record, the plan is working.

The Upcoming Challenge: Buffalo Bills

The next matchup against the Buffalo Bills will be a defining moment for Robinson. To neutralize the Bills’ powerhouse, Josh Allen, Washington’s best bet is to dominate possession, keeping Allen off the field. This means we can expect another heavy workload for Robinson, especially if weather conditions play a role. Given his consistent 20+ touches in the last two games, the volume – the lifeline of fantasy points – is sure to be there.

Value Picks and Strategic Pivots for Week 3 Wide Receivers

Overlooking The Receiving Game

A common critique is Robinson’s lack of pass-catching prowess. Yet, in fantasy football, yards are yards, and touchdowns are touchdowns. Sometimes, the community can overcomplicate things with full-point PPR considerations. The truth? Robinson’s sheer running volume and scoring ability more than make up for his limited reception numbers.

Why Brian Robinson Deserves Your Fantasy Attention

Given his mid-tier pricing on DraftKings ($5,800) and his incredible value at $7,500 on FanDuel, Robinson is a diamond in the rough. This pricing sweet spot, combined with his consistent volume and touchdown potential, makes him a must-have in your lineup.

Furthermore, Robinson seems to be an overlooked gem, flying under the radar for many. But savvy managers know that volume, quality, and game strategy point towards a heavy reliance on Brian Robinson in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a budget-friendly, high-potential addition to your fantasy lineup, Brian Robinson Jr. of the Washington Commanders is your guy. Don’t sleep on this rising star.

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SportsGrid MLB Model Picks for Saturday, September 23

The dog days of summer are upon us, and MLB action is the only sport to keep us going. As such, we’re breaking down Saturday’s action, highlighting several picks from the SportsGrid projections. We use a star rating to gauge each play’s success probability. These are some of our favorite selections from today’s MLB Game Picks.

AL Wild Card: Rangers, Mariners, Blue Jays Eyeing Playoffs

New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Over 7 (-122): 5-Star Rating

Two of the top-hitting teams from the past couple of weeks go toe-to-toe in the City of Brotherly Love. With a spot in the playoffs already secured, the Philadelphia Phillies host the New York Mets in an NL East clash. An intriguing pitching matchup forced sportsbooks to open this total at 7, but that’s not stopping us from taking the over. 

Both the Mets and Phillies have been clubbing the ball of late. Since September 8, the Phillies have compiled the most home runs in the bigs, resulting in the tenth-best OPS and 5.4 runs per game. That’s comparable to what we’ve seen from the Mets, who sit ninth in OPS over the same time frame, with the sixth-most homers and 4.9 runs per game. 

Moreover, the Phillies have been one of the best-hitting teams versus southpaws. The defending NL Champions have the third-most long fly balls off lefties and the seventh-best slugging percentage. As good as Jose Quintana has looked recently, he doesn’t possess an arsenal to hog-tie the entire lineup. 

Likewise, the Mets should have no problem getting to Zack Wheeler, who has struggled at home. Wheeler’s ERA inflates to 4.25 at Citizens Bank Park, leaving little doubt that this one sails over the modest total.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Rays Moneyline (-122): 5-Star Rating

A crucial AL East battle highlights the early slate as the Toronto Blue Jays look to make it two in a row against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Jays send Hyun-Jin Ryu to the mound for Saturday’s matinee, which is a substantial advantage for the home team.

The Rays have clobbered lefties all season. So far this season, Tampa has put together the ninth-best slugging percentage and second-best RBI rate in the majors. That advantage has been even more pronounced at Tropicana Field, where lefty starters are 2-8 against them this season, with an ERA north of 6.00.

Additionally, we’ve highlighted Zack Littell as a progression candidate to end the campaign. The righty has been a tough-luck loser over the past few weeks, posting a 3.33 ERA and 0.99 WHIP but going 0-2 since the start of the month. Wins should start to pile up for Littell as outcomes reflect his elite pitching. 

Toronto’s .665 OPS this week is seventh-worst in the MLB and incompatible with the 5.0 runs per game they are averaging. According to our projections, the Rays should pull even in the series before Sunday’s decisive finale.

Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics
Athletics Moneyline (+114): 5-Star Rating

One of the least compelling games on the docket offers one of the most robust edges. The Oakland Athletics welcome the Detroit Tigers to the Coliseum for the third of four contests. These teams have split the series’ first two games, but the hosts have a definitive advantage on Saturday. 

Most notably, the Tigers’ pitching staff is gassed. As of Saturday morning, Detroit has yet to announce a starter for this afternoon’s contest. Worse, they’ve exhausted their bullpen to get here. The Tigers went through five arms in Friday’s 8-2 loss and have another three relievers on the IL. Combined with their injuries among starters, there’s no quality pitcher left to tap into. 

Consequently, we’ve seen a deterioration in their pitching metrics. This week, Tigers pitchers have given up the second-most home runs and blown two saves while taking on two of the worst teams in the American League. 

Last night’s eight-run performance should be easily duplicated for the Athletics as they look to make it two in a row against the Tigers.

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Seahawks vs. Panthers: Insights and the Andy Dalton Factor

In what promises to be a thrilling matchup, the Seattle Seahawks take on the Carolina Panthers this weekend. As the anticipation rises, so does the speculation surrounding the betting odds. Initially placed at a spread of 6.5, it has seen a notable dip and now stands at 5.5, with a total of 42.

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There’s been ample debate among analysts and fans. Is Seattle superior without question? While the Seahawks have showcased a formidable squad, we cannot discount the Panthers.

The spotlight falls squarely on Andy Dalton. Many believe he’s significantly superior to Bryce Young in running a pro game. With years of NFL experience, Dalton has consistently proved his mettle on the gridiron. He’s a player who has often flown under the radar, underrated by many. But his career statistics and gameplay paint a different picture. Dalton does what he does best, and that’s showcasing his innate ability to lead and conquer the field.

With the spread at 5.5, the real question is whether Dalton and the Panthers can cover that number. The earlier 6.5 spread had many taking their chances, but the current number paints a challenging scenario for bettors. It’s a risky proposition. However, given Dalton’s track record, it might be a risk worth taking.

As the Seahawks and Panthers prepare to lock horns, the betting odds offer more than just numbers. They encapsulate the excitement, unpredictability, and the sheer magic of the NFL.

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Anthony Richardson's Injury Means Return of Minshew Mania

Football is as much a game of strategy and talent as it is of sheer resilience. Run more, and the vulnerability to injuries is undoubtedly increased. This concept isn’t new but is becoming more and more relevant as the league witnesses the rise of running quarterbacks.

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Tua Tagovailoa knows this all too well. Once a player sustains an injury, the likelihood of another heightens. It isn’t necessarily that some players are “injury-prone,” but specific playstyles, especially for quarterbacks who often opt to run, make them more prone to injury.

Anthony Richardson is larger than fellow rookie Bryce Young but smaller than defenders squaring up against him. No player is invincible, and Richardson’s recent concussion is a prime example. The concerning fact wasn’t just the injury but the prolonged onset of symptoms. These post-concussion symptoms persisted well beyond the immediate aftermath of the touchdown. As of early this week, it was already apparent Richardson would sit out.

So, what does this mean for the team? Enter Gardner Minshew and the ensuing “Minshew Mania.” Minshew will lead the charge, at least for this week and potentially another. However, every fan and teammate hopes for Richardson’s swift and complete recovery.

It remains to be seen how this shift will play out on the field, but one thing is certain: the unpredictability and risks associated with the NFL make it so electrifying. Every play and every decision has consequences, and understanding the balance between risk and reward is vital for every team’s success.

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EPL Preview: Arsenal Favored over Tottenham in Sunday's NLD

It’s perhaps England’s most prominent rival fixture as Tottenham makes the short travel to the Emirates Stadium to take on Arsenal in the 194th edition of the North London Derby. With both teams within two points of the top of the table, it adds even further thrill to what should be the match of the week in the Premier League.

Let’s look at the odds and a spot where there may be value within this Sunday’s matchup.

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Arsenal vs. Tottenham Match Information

Arsenal: 5-4-1, 13 points: 4th | Tottenham: 5-4-1, 13 points: 2nd

Match Date: Sunday, September 24 | Match Time: 9:00 am ET

Venue: Emirates Stadium – London, England

Arsenal vs. Tottenham, Moneyline, Over/Under, and Odds

Moneyline: Arsenal -150 | Draw +330 | Tottenham +370

Over/Under 3.5 Goals: Over +126 | Under -152

Odds to Win the 2023-24 Premier League Title: Arsenal +600 | Tottenham +2500

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Analysis

Both clubs have been flying high to kick off the 2023-24 Premier League campaign. The sides have combined to drop just four points total since the start of the season. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has continued to implement his style of play with new signings entering and improving the squad with each passing window. He has the Gunners in the Champions League for the first time in seven seasons, and the club is beginning to look as it did under Arsene Wenger years ago.

What a surprise Tottenham have been out of the gates. A highly-criticized appointment of former Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou as club manager over the summer had many wondering how low Spurs could finish in the table this season.

These rivalry fixtures often become more about teams avoiding making critical mistakes rather than going for the jugular. Arsenal haven’t seemed rushed in their possession-based tactics this season, with the fourth-least goals among the 18 clubs who have played five fixtures this season. With them as the home side, we imagine they’ll look to control the pace for the majority of the match.

With such an inflated total, we’ll stick with the under, even while paying some juice.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Pick

The Pick: Under 3.5 (-152)

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Colorado vs. Oregon: Underdog Buffaloes to Defy Odds Again?

In what is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about college football programs this season, Colorado faces off against a formidable opponent in the form of the Oregon Ducks.

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Remember when Colorado was a significant underdog to TCU and surprised everyone by covering the spread and securing a victory? As we look ahead to this showdown, that is still fresh in everyone’s minds.

However, the news that Travis Hunter will miss this game is bound to make a significant impact. The over/under for the game has been set at 70.5, making many wonder if this is where Coach Prime’s impressive streak ends.

The odds are stacked heavily against the Buffaloes, significant underdogs at +21.5 on the spread. Many experts and analysts are skeptical about Colorado’s chances, especially considering their defensive capabilities. The Ducks, led by quarterback Bo Nix, boast impressive efficiency ratings and are expected to be a significant challenge. With Bucky Irving leading a trio of running backs that average an astonishing seven yards per carry, Oregon’s offense is a force to be reckoned with.

Colorado’s defense is already a point of concern. When matched against Troy Franklin and the rest of Oregon’s potent downfield passing game, especially in the absence of Hunter, one can’t help but worry. Add to the mix the fact that Colorado’s run defense concedes an average of 195 yards per game, and you might be inclined to side with the masses expecting a Ducks victory.

However, a deep dive into the stats suggests this might be a closer game than most anticipate. Oregon has outscored their opponents 102-23 in the first half of games. But it’s worth noting that their competition might not have been top-tier.

The key for Colorado might lie in the performance of Shedeur Sanders. With a staggering record of only one interception this season and having taken 15 sacks, his stats are genuinely noteworthy. If Sanders can maintain his composure and execute under pressure, there’s a chance Colorado could make this a competitive fourth-quarter game.

While many eagerly await to see if Colorado falters, counting them out might not be wise. Despite Oregon’s evident strengths, the real battle will be fought in the trenches. The Buffaloes have shown resilience and the ability to upset the odds before. They might not be the favorites going into this game, but expect them to put up a commendable fight. As for the betting enthusiasts, Colorado covering the spread might be a wise wager, albeit risky.

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3 NFL Players We Expect to Bounce Back in Week 3

As with every week in the NFL season, we saw disappointing fantasy lines from some otherwise trustworthy assets around the league. Looking ahead to Week 3, we predict three players with favorable matchups that could bounce back from their poor Week 2 outings and redeem themselves in the eyes of their fantasy managers.

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Calvin Ridley – 3.2 points [WR72] (Week 3 Matchup: vs. HOU)

After bursting onto the scene in his first game in nearly two years in Week 1, Calvin Ridley plummeted to Earth last week, producing just 3.2 points on two receptions for 32 yards. The volume remained with eight targets, but it may have proved that Ridley’s floor is still relatively low as he works his way back to game speed. With a much more favorable matchup in Week 3 against the Houston Texans at home, Ridley should be able to get right this Sunday and maybe even find his way into the end zone. He remains a low-end WR1 heading into Sunday.

Joshua Kelley – 3.9 points [RB45] (Week 3 Matchup: @ MIN)

After seeing a surprisingly large amount of the backfield workload in Week 1, fantasy managers were scrambling to get their shares of Joshua Kelley after hearing that Austin Ekeler would miss Week 2 against the Tennessee Titans. That flopped after Kelley had just 13 rushing attempts for 39 yards in the loss. We aren’t convinced that’s any indication of Kelley’s skillset, and we see Week 3’s matchup against the Minnesota Vikings as a bounce-back spot while Ekeler likely remains out.

Kenny Pickett – 11.3 points [QB29] (Week 3 Matchup: @ LV)

After seeing what the Buffalo Bills were able to do to the Las Vegas Raiders secondary last week, this is as close to a get-right spot as any quarterback can find in the NFL this season. Despite dominating the preseason, Kenny Pickett has looked woeful across the first two weeks of the regular season. The chirps will turn into shouts if he can’t put together a strong performance in this spot. While he has made some baffling decisions over the past two weeks, we are giving Pickett another chance to prove his worth as a fantasy quarterback on Sunday.

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Ridder's Aerial Assault: Can He Surpass 188.5 vs. Detroit?

NFL Week 3 is upon us, and one prop stands out: Desmond Ridder’s 188.5 passing yards on the road against the Detroit Lions. This isn’t a matchup that any team should take lightly or get too comfortable with, especially recalling how the Atlanta Falcons approached their initial two games this season.

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Let’s remember the nail-biting action of Week 2. Atlanta needed a strong push in the second half, stepping on the gas to claw their way back and snatch that game. But the lesson from that game was clear: you can’t coast, especially not against a team like the Lions. The Lions aren’t a pushover; they’ve consistently proven they have the firepower to put points on the board. Betting enthusiasts and fans should expect them to reach at least the mid-twenties in scoring.

The implication here? Ridder and his offense will need to be on their A-game. With the Lions likely to score on your defense, the strategy should focus on an aerial onslaught, aiming for a minimum of 200 passing yards. And let’s be honest, the 188.5-yard mark seems a tad low for Ridder, especially considering his recent performance.

Last week, Ridder showcased his arm strength and precision against the Green Bay Packers, throwing for an impressive 237 yards. This helped orchestrate a come-from-behind victory for Atlanta. If he could do that against the Packers, hitting the 188 mark against the Lions should be well within reach.

For those placing their bets, setting the line at 188.5 yards for Ridder might seem disrespectful. With the game on the horizon, we’ll soon find out if he can prove the oddsmakers wrong and put on another stellar performance on the road.

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Losers from this Week's Champions League Action

Champions League play is finally here, and we’ve got some reactions hot off the presses from the opening week of fixtures. With 16 matches, we conjured up three of our biggest losers from the matchweek in European play.

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Manchester United Continues to Look Lost

With high expectations heading into Erik ten Hag‘s second season as the United manager, the Red Devils have looked far below par to start the 2023-24 campaign. While they were able to put a trio of goals past the Bayern Munich defense on Wednesday, they were constantly chasing the match – never once having the lead – with a porous defense that has failed them time and time again in the past month. If these performances continue and lead to an early Champions League exit, ten Hag’s days as the United gaffer may be numbered.

Milan Fails to Claim 3 Points vs. Newcastle

Milan fans should be encouraged by their dominant performance against a Premier League side, putting together a worthy home effort to claim a single point in a lopsided draw. Credit to Newcastle for weathering the storm, but it’s hard not to feel shorthanded if you’re Milan with a +1.71 xG differential in the match. That being said, you can’t take anything away from Newcastle goalkeeper Nick Pope, who had a career outing in the match.

Union Berlin Battles for 93 Minutes to Leave Empty-Handed

In an incredulous feat, Union Berlin kept pace with Real Madrid for 93 minutes as the match pushed towards what looked to be a 0-0 draw. Unfortunately, the Germans fell two minutes short as Jude Bellingham saved the day for Los Blancos with a 94th-minute winner, giving them all three points. With Napoli and Real Madrid claiming three points in the opening fixtures, Union Berlin faces a real uphill climb to get back into knockout stage contention.

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