Which John Krasinski-Alec Baldwin, Red Sox-Yankees New Era Commercial Is Your Favorite?


Sep 24, 2011

The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry has never been any funnier than when Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski portray two passionate fans in New Era’s latest line of commercials.

The rivalry between the two teams is serious, but the rivalry between the two actors is a circus of follies.

Which of the commercials is your favorite?

The Trash Talking Begins
Things start out hot with hot stove trash talk.

One Hitter
Alec races to John’s house by foot to pay him back for the Red Sox handing the Yankees a loss. There’s only one problem — the Yankees won.

John plays a practical joke on Alec by dressing the Yankee fan’s dog in a Red Sox hat and spraypainting various Red Sox logos on him for good measure. There’s only one problem — Alec doesn’t have a dog.

Alec’s latest stunt backfires — literally — when he tries to light a bundle of Red Sox tickets on fire and burns down his apartment building.

JumboTron John
Alec photoshops John’s face in a very interesting way and puts it on display for Yankee fans, and the nation, to see.

The Odd Couple
Things get tight in the bottom of the ninth, including Alec’s bladder.

Screen shot from Youtube.

Which John Krasinski-Alec Baldwin, Red Sox-Yankees New Era commercial is your favorite?

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