Ray Allen’s Mom Says She Still Loves Celtics Players Despite Boston-Miami Rivalry


Oct 31, 2012

Ray Allen's Mom Says She Still Loves Celtics Players Despite Boston-Miami RivalryRay Allen
's mom, Flo Allen-Hopson says she still loves the Boston Celtics' players, but based on their interaction during Tuesday night's game, it appears Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo may not feel the same way about their ex-teammate.

Allen-Hopson told TMZ that she still cares for her son's former teammates like they're her own children.

"I love the guys. They’ve been in our home. They’ve been in Ray's home," said Allen-Hopson. "If they came to my home tomorrow, if they wanted me to cook for them, I
would because they are all our sons."

Ray's mom thinks that once the smoke clears on this new-found feud, Allen and the current Celtics can still be friends. The Celtics' actions since Allen decided to sign with the Heat suggest otherwise. Rondo won't refer to Allen by name, instead calling him, "No. 20." Garnett claims to not have Allen's number anymore and Pierce said he was surprised by the decision to join the Heat.

Allen tapped Garnett's shoulder on Tuesday night when the Heat's new guard entered Miami's home opener, but Garnett ignored Allen's friendly interaction, staring him down in return. Allen and his new Miami teammates won the first battle between the two teams, beating Boston 120-107 in their season opener.

Allen had 19 points in his first game with the Heat, going 5-7 from the field and 2-3 on three-point shots. Allen didn't start, but played 31 minutes against the Celtics.

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Nice exclamation point guys.

Ray Allen's Mom Says She Still Loves Celtics Players Despite Boston-Miami Rivalry

Photo via Twitter/@MySportsLegion

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"You go as the game develops. You try to run or pass based some on what
you think you can do and some on what they're doing. If they're doing a
good job of stopping the run over and over, we're going to try and move
the ball in another fashion. If we're running the ball well, we'll
continue to run the ball."

–Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll trying to explain why Jamaal Charles received just eight touches against the Raiders. Maybe he should have just said, "We're going for the No. 1 pick in the 2013 draft

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Bill Simmons states the obvious about the Celtics' disappointing season opener.


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Did David Stern think the Celtics-Heat game was being held in New Orleans? In the year 2005?

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