Katherine Webb Thanks Brent Musburger for Newfound Stardom in Interview With Dan Patrick (Video)


Feb 13, 2013

Katherine WebbAlthough she was a former Miss Alabama, it’s safe to say that the majority of the country had never heard of Katherine Webb until about six weeks ago.

That’s when Webb, who was at the BCS National Championship cheering on her boyfriend, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, was spotted by ESPN’s cameras and complimented profusely by commentator Brent Musburger. Since then, Webb has become an instant star, most recently appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that hit newsstands this week.

Many argued that Musburger’s comments were inappropriate, with the longtime broadcaster issuing an apology in the days following the championship game, but Webb told Dan Patrick in an interview Wednesday that she had no problem with Musburger’s adoration.

“Of course I didn’t take offense to it,” she said on Patrick’s radio show. “It’s kind of crazy for any woman to say that they would be offended, because every girl wants to be told that they’re pretty and they’re beautiful.”

Though the two have not met, Webb said she was greatly appreciative of the instant boost her career has seen of late.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done and for helping my career and helping me make a new life for myself,” she responded when Patrick asked what she would like to tell Musburger. “I was in Los Angeles and I was already modeling before, so all of this stuff that I’m doing is no strange thing to me. I was actually having a hard time in Los Angeles booking jobs. … After all this happened, people started calling.”

See the full interview in the video below. (via Sports Radio Interviews)

Photo via Facebook/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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