Elvis Andrus, Adrian Beltre Continue Friendly Game of Interfering With Each Other During Pop Ups (Videos)


Jul 9, 2013

With a 52-37 record, it’s obvious that the Rangers are not messing around in the AL West. But messing around is exactly what Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre are doing during routine pop ups in the infield.

On Monday night, Adam Jones of the Orioles hit a pop up to Beltre at third base with runners on first and second and no outs (so the infield fly rule was in effect). Andrus came running over to bump into Beltre while he was making the play, then hopped away gleefully laughing when Beltre gave him a death stare.

This is far from the first time something like this has occurred this season. Check out the video below from June 22.

It happened on May 25, as well.

And there’s also the two instances below.


GIF via CBSSports.com2bGv7Wv

GIF via Imgur/dshep

Of course, Beltre also isn’t a big fan of having his head touched. So, Andrus does that during meetings at the mound.

Baseball is supposed to be fun, right? It appears no one is having more fun this season than these two. Hopefully stuffy sports fans and writers can leave these two alone and let them continue playing their game.

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