Brayan Bello arrived in the big leagues at an early age, and the potential future Boston Red Sox ace leaned on multiple mentor figures to help him on his journey.

Pedro Martinez routinely works with the 24-year-old in the offseason to work on his mechanics. Bello also worked with other experienced pitchers throughout his career like Chris Sale, Rich Hill and Nick Pivetta, with whom he is competing for the starting nod on Opening Day this month.

The Red Sox held a news conference in the Dominican Republic to commemorate the six-year extension he signed this week, and he revealed who helped him build the confidence he pitches with on the mound.

“(I’ve) learned a lot. (I’ve) learned a lot from Pedro, from (Nathan) Eovaldi,” Bello told reporters via translation from Carlos Villoria Benítez, per Red Sox video. “Pedro is teaching (me) how to pitch, but Eovaldi was the one who showed (me) the confidence, how to be confident on the mound and also how to translate the information (I) get into the field. Pedro is showing (me) how to pitch, but Nate was the one who gave (me) the confidence and how to translate that to the mound.”

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Bello kept his goals for this season close to his chest, but the extension he signed with Boston solidified him as a foundational piece for the franchise.

Featured image via Brian Fluharty/USA TODAY Sports Images