This is starting to get silly.

Nick Saban has long been a polarizing figure, and he’s had the outlandish insults to go with it. First, it was a rash of folks comparing him to the devil. Now, someone’s played the Hitler card.

An Alabama fan who was among those waiting for hours to see Saban during media days compared his team’s coach to Adolf Hitler — mind you, in a good way! — on Thursday.

“He’s a winner. He just does what he wants to do,” Lee Allen said, according to “He’s kind of like Hitler. He’s a dictator. He brought us back to the top, and I figure we’re going to be here for a while. Money well spent.”

The reporter checked to make sure Allen knew what comparison he was making, asking whether it was a compliment.

“Yeah,” Allen said, noted, as he was “discreetly spitting tobacco juice into a water bottle in the lobby.”

That wasn’t the only hyperbolic comparison Saban got, though. There was also this great juxtaposition of Saban and his staff with the famous scene from The Godfather, where the torch is passed to a new, power-hungry era.

Nick Saban The Godfather

Photo via Twitter/@thebengeorge

High expectations in Tuscaloosa these days, Nick.