Jaguars Mascot Wears Pink Bikini, Poses With Giraffe After Losing Bet to Broncos (Photo)


Oct 15, 2013

Jaxson DeVille is kind of a weird dude.

The Jacksonville Jaguars mascot lost yet another bet this past weekend, forcing him to subject himself to some more public humiliation. Jaxson got to avoid any physical harm this time around — he wasn’t so lucky two weeks ago — but he did have to pose in a pink bra following the Jags’ loss to the heavily favored Broncos on Sunday.

We have no idea how the giraffe, the beagle and the American flag play into the situation. But, the mascot did donate $1,000 to breast cancer research as part of the bet, so that’s pretty cool.

Check out the final product in the photo below.

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