Jack Jones has a complicated relationship with the Patriots, to say the least, and fans might not like what he had to say about their attitude.

The Las Vegas Raiders cornerback was unceremoniously released by New England last season, and he’s had differing things to say about the current players on the team. He’s also suggested what his thoughts were about former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, but one thing that has been consistent about Jones is his unprovoked shots on social media.

That was evident Friday when he saw the reaction to Mac Jones revealing his new hobby after he was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“They said mac look happier in Jax lol it was NE it wasn’t bill NE fans,” Jack Jones posted on X on Friday.

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To no one’s surprise, Patriots fans weren’t pleased with Jack Jones’ comments, and the 26-year-old went into an extended rant Saturday.

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“Pats fans didn’t like that comment LOL stop acting like yall run the world and players don’t fuc up,” Jones posted on X. “Players fuc up and yall don’t run the world. Fan said ‘you would feel the same way (tried to say Mac had a trash season..) let me see a FAN WIN A GAME IN THE NFL..’

“BETTER YET COMPLETE A PASS IN A GAME.. fans (trash) for acting like they can do better than ANY football player on ANY ROSTER.. let players build and develop into their best player on and off the field without the negativity from fans that cheer for the team..

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“One day yall love mac the next day yall hate him.. one day yall love Jacc but the next day im a criminal that walk around wit guns.. raiders nation stand tall thru it all ups and downs from the time I been here fans had nothing but good things to say

“Believe it or not players feel that love from the fans nd at the same time we feel the tension too.. it’s love forever raider nation.

“Fans build A beast or make a crumb.”

New England fans were divided on Mac Jones in the final season of his Patriots career. There was a segment who were tired of seeing the 25-year-old struggle, but there were others sympathetic to the Alabama product given he wasn’t always given a chance to succeed.

However, it might be safe to say Jack Jones might also be another former Patriots figure who the fan base will be divided on.

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