Jason Tarver can expect a fine for unsportsmanlike conduct this week.

The Raiders defensive coordinator let his emotions get the best of him during Oakland’s win over Pittsburgh on Saturday, reacting to a defenseless receiver call — albeit a terrible one — in a very un-family-friendly way.

Oakland’s Mike Jenkins was flagged after popping Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell in the flats midway through the third quarter, and Tarver went off, raising a certain finger toward the game officials and letting the F-bombs fly.

In the end, the refs agreed that the hit was clean and picked up the flag while either not hearing or choosing to ignore Tarver’s expletives. But FOX Sports officiating guru Mike Pereira did see the coach’s transgressions, and he took it upon himself to notify the league office.

“… a play took place in the Pittsburgh-Oakland game that was absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional,” Pereira wrote in a column for FOXSports.com. “It actually happened on the sideline and it wasn’t by a player, but rather by a coach. And I was so angry, I called the league office about it.”

Pereira went on to repeat that Tarver’s actions were “unacceptable,” while embracing his own role as a “whistleblower.”

“I probably should check the mail for my thank you note this week from the charity Tarver’s fine ends up supporting,” he wrote.

See an edited photo of Tarver’s outburst below, and click here for a video.

jason tarver

Screenshot via For The Win