Greg Jennings: Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill Has Had ‘Hand Held’ By Coaches


Feb 5, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO — Ryan Tannehill has plenty of natural talent but hasn’t evolved into a franchise quarterback. The Miami Dolphins might have no one to blame but themselves.

Miami’s coaches have babied Tannehill during his four-year career, according to Dolphins wide receiver Greg Jennings, who chatted Friday on Radio Row with’s Michaela Vernava. This has stunted Tannehill’s growth, says Jennings, and could continue to hold back the quarterback unless rectified.

“I think he’s just been hand-held, he’s been hand-held his entire career,” Jennings said. “And when you’re trying to establish whether or not a guy is a franchise guy, you have to let him make his own mistakes and I just don’t feel like that has been the case.

“He is very smart and he has a skill set that I believe we haven’t seen because he hasn’t been given that liberty to just do and go and say, ‘You know, Ryan? Go ahead. Play. Let’s see what you’re like. Make the checks, make a couple of two-minute play calls.’ Give him the reins. Untighten the leash, if you will. Loosen the leash. And that just hasn’t happened.”

Tannehill has shown flashes of his potential — a word Jennings hates — several times since being drafted eighth overall by the Dolphins in 2012. Miami hasn’t taken the next step with Tannehill at the helm, however, and part of the problem could be the apparent lack of trust in the QB’s ability to lead.

Check out the video above to hear Jennings’ interesting take and be sure to visit NESN’s YouTube page¬†for the full interview.

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