Jurgen Klopp ‘Feels Good’ About Life In Liverpool, Except For Weather


Jurgen Klopp has changed many things on the pitch in his time as Liverpool manager, but the German reveals there is one thing off it that he wishes he could alter.

Klopp says he has settled into life on Merseyside well following his appointment as Reds boss in October.

Now six months into his reign at Anfield, the 48-year-old insists there is only one negative aspect to his new environment — the weather!

“It feels good,” he told German media. “The surroundings are fantastic. To live right at the seaside has advantages, but also disadvantages – looking at the weather.

“You can lead a fantastic life here. People are used to my face right now where I live, and you wouldn’t believe but, as a Premier League manager, life is pretty normal in England.”

The boss feels his grasp of the English language has improved during his time in Liverpool and says that has made him feel more at ease on the job.

“I still can’t express myself like I want to do,” he continued. “But it’s getting better, particularly the understanding part.

“That’s incredibly helpful in all the talks I have to hold. I feel completely content in my work here.”

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Thumbnail photo via LiverpoolFC.com

Thumbnail photo via Jurgen Klopp enjoying life in Liverpool.

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