Hear Aric Almirola’s In-Car Audio Moments After Fiery Wreck At Kansas

NASCAR fans were forced to wait anxiously Saturday night to learn of Aric Almirola’s condition after a violent crash at Kansas Speedway. The No. 43’s crew members, though, knew something was wrong almost immediately.

After the wreck, which resulted in him being airlifted to a hospital with a fractured T5 vertebrae, Almirola can be heard shouting “my back, my back.” His reaction, as well as the reactions of other drivers and NASCAR crew members, were compiled in Tuesday’s edition of FOX Sports’ “Radioactive” series on YouTube.

Given the amount of violent wrecks NASCAR’s seen over the years, it’s pretty fascinating to hear some drivers describe the crash at the Go Bowling 400 as one of, if not the worst they’ve seen.

Although nothing’s been made official, Almirola likely will be out for a while. There’s been no word of who could fill his seat in the No. 43, though Richard Petty Motorsports did reach out to one recently retired, yet ever-popular driver.

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