Tom Brady, at the age of 40, finally has become a Power Ranger.

The New England Patriots quarterback has partnered with UnReal, a company which makes “healthy” candy products, for some time now. But for the 2017 Halloween season, Brady is taking the partnership to ridiculous new heights.

Brady on Thursday shared a video, in which he takes on some intergalactic persona and laments that a villain named “Paul” has stolen all his gluten-free chocolates. He then implores the people of Earth to find Paul and return the candies. Brady then reveals that certain boxes of UnReal chocolates contain codes that his “pilots” can redeem for special prizes, while others contain skeleton keys that will grant people access to his “spaceship.”

Watch Brady’s plea to earthlings in the video below:

But wait, there’s more.

A trip to UnReal’s official website reveals that there’s actually a video game, in which Brady trains the galactically inept how to pilot a spaceship. Yup, there’re throttles, “fire” buttons, pressure release valves and a very impatient Brady doing voice-over work.

No word yet on what these prizes are, what “adventure with Tom” you win, or what “spaceship” he’s talking about.

All we know for sure is that Paul must be stopped, no matter the cost.