Kevin Durant and Draymond Green are putting on a good public face, but it appears the beef between the two stars might not be squashed yet.

The Golden State Warriors forwards got into a heated altercation during and after a loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in which Green reportedly told Durant to leave the Warriors in free agency and that they “don’t need him.”

The team suspended Green for a game reportedly believing their chemistry was at stake, and based on Durant’s latest Instagram activity they might be right.

On Wednesday, Durant liked and then unliked a comment about Green potentially getting traded, which only will make the whispers of the Warriors’ impending demise grow louder.

Now, of course, there’s always the possibility that Durant’s finger just slipped. OK, probably not.

Golden State has lost four games in a row and has struggled mightily without Stephen Curry and appears to be more of a broken group than initially believed.

While the Dubs still are the favorites to win the NBA title, the chances of Durant staying in the Bay Area appear less likely each day, with the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks reportedly looking to court the star next summer.

Then again, it is only November and there’s a chance that once Curry returns to make Golden State’s Death Star fully operational all will be made right in Oakland.