Enes Kanter Introduces Tacko Fall To ‘Turkish Cheat Day’ With Tons Of Food

Boston Celtics fans have learned quite quickly that Enes Kanter is one heck of a follow on social media.

Fans have gotten a look at Kanter taking in the Auerbach Center in Brighton, Mass., for the first time, and also got a look at the center’s infamous “cheat days,” in which he devours an insane amount of unhealthy food.

Well, Kanter now has introduced the tradition to Celtics summer league sensation Tacko Fall, taking on a “Turkish cheat day,” Friday on Twitter.

Turns out Fall is a pretty big fan of baklava, a popular Turkish dessert.

Hey, we’re all for Kanter and Fall spending some quality time together. But Enes, maybe keep Tacko (who the Celtics are working on a contract with) away from the desserts so he can keep throwing down 360-degree dunks.