Patriots Mailbag: Most Likely, Unlikely Wide Receiver Trade Candidates


Feb 21, 2020

The NFL is trying to rush through negotiations on their latest collective bargaining agreement, and hopefully, the players’ association slows down the process.

At the very least, the NFL is trying to cheat players by expanding to 17 games while capping paychecks for the additional contest. Any player who signed his contract prior to this offseason who makes more than $4.25 million would only get a fraction of their regular game check. That’s bogus and needs to be fixed. If NFL owners want the revenue for a 17th game, then they can pay players accordingly.

Let’s get into this week’s mailbag.

What chance do you give Brady coming back to NE?
The current odds of Brady’s return to the Patriots is -250, per Odds Shark. That means you would have to bet $250 to win $100. That sets Brady’s return at 71.4 percent likelihood.

I’ll trust Las Vegas on this one. They usually know what they’re talking about, and I do definitely still think a return is the most likely conclusion to this whole saga.

Odds Shark has set the odds for Brady winding up with the Las Vegas Raiders at +300, or 25 percent. The Los Angeles Chargers are also at +300 or 25 percent.

Out of the guys currently on the roster, which WRs could actually be with the Pats next season? Also, any sense on what happens with Thuney?
Julian Edelman and N’Keal Harry will definitely be on the roster next season. I think Mohamed Sanu and Jakobi Meyers will very likely be on the team next year. I definitely think there’s a chance that Gunner Olszewski will make the team too.

There’s very, very little chance that Devin Ross or Quincy Adeboyejo will be on the active roster in 2020. I could see the Patriots making a splash addition at wide receiver this offseason. I also could see them using a third-round pick on a wide receiver to add more youth and upside to the group.

As far as Thuney, my sense since last year has been that he’ll leave in free agency. It would be a different story if the Patriots hadn’t locked up Shaq Mason in 2018. I don’t think the Patriots will want to pay two guards big money, and Thuney will likely sign for more than Mason.

Should Diggs be a priority? And when can a deal / trade get done? What will he cost to get?#MailDoug
If the Minnesota Vikings are willing to trade Stefon Diggs, then yeah, acquiring him should be a priority for the Patriots. But we don’t really have any idea if the Vikings are willing to trade him. He’s pretty easy for the Vikings to deal, however. He only would carry $9 million in dead salary cap. The Vikings would still save cap room by trading him. They set up his contract well by only giving him a $15 million signing bonus, $6 million of which has already hit the cap.

The team that potentially would trade for Diggs would still have to pay him the majority of his contract.

A trade would not become official until March 18 at 4 p.m. Teams cannot trade between the midseason trade deadline and the start of the new league year.

I suspect Diggs would cost around a first-round pick, though I really have no idea.

What do you think about a trade for Kupp? Low salary this year- could have a cheap one year trial and then go from there. #MailDoug
Why would the Los Angeles Rams want to trade Cooper Kupp? This one seems like way too lofty of a pipedream.

I mean, sure, the Patriots would probably love to trade for Kupp. But the Rams are still expected to be competitive in 2020, and he’s arguably their best offensive weapon.

Who would you put more stock in the patriots picking up this offseason. Diggs, Anderson, obj or ab84?
I think all four players ultimately are unlikely, but I’d order them:

1. Diggs
2. Odell Beckham Jr.
3. Robby Anderson (I’m assuming that’s who you’re talking about? Let’s use first names with common last names from here on, folks.)
4. Antonio Brown

Who do you think would be a very plausible option for us to land in FA
Going through the list of free agents, the following names are interesting to me: linebacker Danny Trevathan, fullback Kyle Juszczyk, defensive lineman Leonard Williams, wide receiver Danny Amendola and tight end Tyler Eifert.

Williams is working with former Patriots defensive lineman Richard Seymour this offseason. Bill Belichick has paid Williams massive compliments in the past.

In 2018, Belichick said of Williams: “He’s one of the best players we play against. He’s outstanding.”

Let’s go rapid fire.

Not a huge mariota guy, but what could that look like assuming cheap money, and former first rounder?
I think the only huge Marcus Mariota guys are graduates of the University of Oregon. Mariota will have to sign a one-year incentive-laden deal.

How bad is the new playoff format?
It’s not terrible, but nothing needed to change. There was no real reason for adding 13th and 14th playoff teams. We didn’t need six playoff games on wild-card weekend. Four games was fine.

Just trying to write my mailbag as early as possible while also prepping for the NFL Scouting Combine.

Tom Brady signs elsewhere, will BB blatantly tank for Lawrence or hide it by signing Andy Dalton and putting a few key guys on IR.
No. I don’t believe Bill Belichick would ever tank.

If Brady leaves, Belichick is cranky and crazy enough to eschew calls to sign a big ticket free agent QB….and roll with Cody Kessler, isn’t he?
That seems like a bridge too far. I think he’d roll with Jarrett Stidham, though.

How’s your life been?
It’s been really good through 33 years. I can’t complain.

Can you help me to go down to Gillette Stadium so I can meet the players

What are your favourite video games?
“Ken Griffey Jr.’s Slugfest,” “Super Mario Kart,” “NCAA Football 2007” and “Turtles In Time.”

Which Disney park is your favorite?#MailDoug
Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort.

I just booked a Disney World trip for next month, though. It was kind of spur of the moment.

Are you as tired of all the over analyzing everything TB12 does and says? If he smiles different he may be going to The Raiders- is it ever enough?#MailDoug
Yes. I don’t think anyone knows what Brady is going to do at this point.

What’s your favourite kind of bagel?
Onion or cinnamon sugar depending on whether I feel like a savory or sweet bagel.

what’s the worst thing about having to be around and work with @EmersonLotzia? And you can’t saying “everything.” I want to know the one specific truly horrible thing #MailDoug
It would definitely be easier to name the negatives rather than the positives. But I’d go with any time he touches me.

What should I have for lunch
Is there a Cava nearby? Cava is great. Get yourself some Cava.

Do u think the a patriots would be better off with a GM other than Belichik? His drafting and free agent selection of rbs,WRs,and overall has been poor. A few lucky free agents making the team helped the last few yrs. Overall, some big misses over the years.
This is what happens when the Patriots don’t win a Super Bowl, huh?

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