Tom Brady Finally Addresses Retirement Confusion During His Podcast

'When the time is right'


Jan 31, 2022

Tom Brady has spoken.

The 44-year-old quarterback has been the subject of immense speculation since Saturday afternoon, when multiple reports indicated he plans to retire from the NFL. Although Brady, his agent and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all are sending mixed signals, the general consensus from league insiders remains that the future Hall of Famer soon will announce his retirement.

Fans wondered whether Brady could break the news during Monday’s episode of his “Let’s Go!” podcast. And while that did not happen, Brady did address the elephant in the room while speaking with co-host Jim Gray.

Here’s a full transcript from the beginning of the episode:

(Note: While not confirmed, it sounds like the episode was recorded Sunday night.)

Gray: “Tommy, how are you? Nice quiet weekend, I’m sure.”

Brady (laughing): “It sure was. It sure was. Good weekend of football, and just again, just enjoying the decompressing. The football season is six months straight, so you’re body’s trying to figure out what to do because it’s not getting prepped for a game, although I very much wish I was getting prepped for a game, especially as the NFC Championship Game (is) on.”

Gray: “So, things kind of changed from your decompression when America was told you are retiring on Saturday afternoon, and we haven’t heard from you as to whether or not that was the case or is the case. Has anything changed with you since we last spoke on ‘Let’s Go!’ regarding your retirement?

Brady: “You know, it’s a good week for me, I’m still just going through the process that I said I was going through. Sometimes, it takes some time to really evaluate how you feel and what you want to do. And I think, when the time’s right, I’ll be ready to make a decision one way or another, just as I said last week.”

Gray: “So, were you surprised when these reports came out, when you haven’t made a decision that, seemingly, others say you have?”

Brady: “There’s always a good line, that I’m responsible for what I say and do, and not responsible for what others say or do. Again, I think one thing I’ve learned about sports is you control what you can control, and what you can’t you leave to others. Everyone I know, we’re in such an era of, you know, information and people want to be in front of the news often, and I totally understand that and understand that’s the environment we’re in. But, I think, for me, literally it’s day-to-day with me. I’m just trying to do the best I can every day and evaluate things as they come, and I’m trying to make a great decision for me and my family.”

Gray: “So, everyone got to see a five-hour obituary about yourself. You didn’t get to partake in this because you were out of the country. There were all kinds of tributes rolling in. … Does this overstep the boundaries of having the proper respect for all that you’ve achieved and not allowing you to be able to do this on your own timeline?”

Brady: “I don’t know what different intentions are. And it’s not for me to control those things. So, there’s some very important games going on in the weekend, and I know how hard those players work on Sunday to prepare for that. And, I was actually a little bit disappointed that that would actually play some part of what’s going on in NFL football, which, to me, it’s been such an amazing sport. And it’s a great sport, and the focus should be on those great games. So, you’re right, for me, I was just trying to enjoy a nice weekend; it didn’t quite turn that way because my phone got really busy. But, you know, that’s just part of being in the situation I’m in.”

Gray: “Do you have a timeline?”

Brady: “When the time’s right. So, like I’ve always said, I’m very blessed to play as long as I had. As things have gone on in the later parts of my career, whether that was five years ago or even this year, there’s a lot of interest in when I’m gonna stop playing. And I understand that. It’s not that I don’t recognize that. It’s just, when I know, I know, and when I don’t know, I don’t know. And I’m not gonna race to some conclusion about that.”

Brady also was asked whether the hysteria around his retirement could fuel him to come back. He offered a similarly Brady answer, saying that his motivation is to “win and be successful.”

So, we continue to wait.

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