A shooting during Friday’s Oakland Athletics-Chicago White Sox game wounded two women at Guaranteed Rate Field, and it appears the incident might have been self-inflicted.

The shooting happened during the fourth inning, according to eyewitnesses. However, the White Sox claimed they did not know about the incident which is why the game continued. The team also claimed the Chicago Police Department would have stopped the game if it was deemed unsafe to continue, per the Associated Press on Monday. Interim superintendent Fred Waller said the police department initially requested the game be halted after the shooting was discovered.

Both wounded women, ages 42 and 26, are expected to recover from the shooting, but police revealed very little details about where the bullets came from, or if someone brought a gun into the stadium. ESPN Chicago’s Peggy Kusinski reported those shocking and odd details Tuesday.

“As I reported on @ESPN1000 just now … the shooting at Guaranteed Rate Field during a #WhiteSox game was indeed an accidental discharge by one of the women ‘grazed’ by the bullet,” Kusinski posted on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter. “She reportedly snuck the gun in past metal detectors hiding it in the folds of her belly fat.”

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Kusinski didn’t add which of the women snuck the gun past the stadium’s metal detectors nor did she reveal why the fan brought a gun to the game. Also, it’s not known if the woman had a license to carry her firearm. But the method in which she chose to conceal her firearm created some laughter and added to the list of multiple crazy things that happened to the White Sox this season.

The White Sox nor Major League Baseball released a statement on the shooting as of Tuesday afternoon.

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Featured image via Kamil Krzaczynski/USA TODAY Sports Images