EA Sports hasn’t released a college football video game since “NCAA 14” in 2013, however, the days of waiting and praying for a series revival could soon be over in the coming months.

After years of speculation and patience, The Brandr Group, responsible for licensing deals for collegiate groups, withdrew its lawsuit against EA Sports, according to Matt Brown of Extra Points. In June, the lawsuit initially came about after EA Sports pursued its plans for a “College Football 2024” release, signing with OneTeam to facilitate the NIL deals needed for the names and likenesses of players to be used.

The latest talks of a specific target date came back in August when an EA Sports spokesperson addressed the presumed release.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring back an authentic college football experience for fans and athletes that have shown such passion for the franchise, and we’re looking forward to delivering it in summer 2024,” the spokesperson said, per Pete Nakos of On3sports.

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Keeping that update in mind, all that’s left is to debate who should sport the next cover.

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Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was the last to be plastered on EA Sports’ last release, going on to play three seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars before moving on to coaching in 2019.

Unlike any other release from EA Sports, the current day and age, which allows athletes to be compensated for their likeness, opens the door for players to get paid or decline to be included.

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EA Sports first introduced its college football franchise back in 1998.

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