“The Dynasty” offers an inside look at the rise and fall of the Patriots’ dominant run in the NFL, and it also provides an opportunity to shape narratives for a new audience.

Episode four was an example of this when Ernie Adams and Bill Belichick refused to elaborate on Spygate. Episode three featured Robert Kraft stretching the truth when he labeled himself as “a self-made businessman who ran a paper company.” Kraft was no Elon Musk, but to present himself as someone who came from humble origins shows the spin the Patriots owner wants to create for fans.

Kraft took advantage of the opportunities presented to him, but it doesn’t sound like he and Parcells look back on the ’90s Patriots fondly.

“Kraft had no real background in football, and in his inexperience, took the draft away from me,” Parcells said in “The Dynasty,” per MassLive’s Chris Mason. “I felt like some people that were incompetent were making decisions for the organization personnel-wise, and I didn’t like it. I knew I wasn’t going back to the Patriots.”

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The most famous example of this was when Parcells wanted to draft defensive end Tony Brackens in the 1996 NFL Draft. Kraft vetoed him, and New England used the No. 7 pick on Terry Glenn, who had a pair of 1,000-yard seasons with the Patriots but also got into drug trouble and was arrested for domestic assault. Brackens was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the second round — New England picked Lawer Milloy three picks later — and was a Pro Bowler and second-team All-Pro. He set multiple franchise records, but his career was cut short due to injuries.

The big theme of episode three of “The Dynasty” was “team,” which seemed to be a point of contention between Kraft and Parcells.

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“With Coach Parcells, I didn’t feel he always put the team first,” Kraft said in “The Dynasty,” per Mason. “He was making decisions that were best for Bill Parcells, as opposed (to) for the New England Patriots. I promised myself that in the future, I would find a coach that truly put team first.”

It’s an interesting direction Kraft takes, and it’s one that could be contradicted by multiple quotes from Parcells that highlight his commitment to team football. Parcells commanded a lot of power during his New England tenure, and perhaps as a new owner, Kraft wanted to rein in control over his franchise.

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That’s all speculation, but it is ironic that Bill Belichick later would gain personnel control over the Patriots, though it could be argued he earned that after winning three Super Bowls — which makes one wonder how Parcells’ tenure would have been different had New England won Super Bowl XXXI.

But as the story of the Patriots dynasty continues to be told on Apple TV+, more fans will see how big moments are molded years after the fact by the key figures of the franchise.

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