The fourth episode of “The Dynasty” picks up the pace with the drama that ensued during the 2007 season.

Spygate, the undefeated regular season and the loss in Super Bowl XLII were the main focuses of the episode, and Randy Moss was the highlight. The New England Patriots acquired the wide receiver while Moss was out in the club. Those circumstances led to a hilarious phone call.

Moss: I’m going inside the club, and my phone rings: ‘Uh, hello, Randy, it’s Coach Belichick.’ And I’m like, what?

Bill Belichick: I said, ‘This is Bill Belichick of the Patriots,’ and says ‘What?’ and hung up the phone, so I go, maybe he doesn’t want to come to New England. So, I call him again.

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Moss: ‘Hello? Uh, Randy, this is Coach Belichick,’ and I’m sitting there, like, who the hell is playing on my phone?

Belichick: So he’s like, ‘All right, who is this? Like this is a prank?’ And so I go, ‘No, this is Bill Belichick and we’ve traded for you.

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Moss: He cut straight to chase. He said, ‘Look, man, if you’re not up here by 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, no trade. And I’m like, oh, s–t, I just hung up on Bill. Me and a couple of my boys were sitting at a table, and I ordered a 12-pack of Corona, and then I held up one of my Coronas and said ‘I’m going to be a Patriot!’

New England’s offense dominated the league, with Tom Brady and Moss achieving record-breaking seasons. There even was an admittance that the Patriots wanted to run up the score as revenge for the narratives around the Spygate scandal.

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While Moss didn’t achieve his goal of winning a Super Bowl with the Patriots, he’s still remembered as an all-time personality and arguably the greatest wide receiver in franchise history.

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