Apple TV’s New England Patriots documentary “The Dynasty” is set to premiere the first two episodes on Friday.

While fans are undoubtedly awaiting the nostalgic reminder of the team’s history over the past two decades, Patriots insider Tom E. Curran believes former New England coach Bill Belichick doesn’t have the same feelings.

“Hated it,” Curran said on WEEI’s “Jones & Mego” show. “What’s going to be really striking for people is watching the first two episodes and seeing just how different Bill is in 2000 and 2001 than he is in 2024.”

Curran explained Belichick didn’t just age over the years, but his communication with the media changed as well.

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“I had a blast with the guy until 2017 just like everybody else covering (the team),” Curran said. “But the 2000 Bill and the way he operated, the way he communicated and the way he went in depth and the way he explained things … that’s something you’re going to be nostalgic about. How enjoyable he was and how frank and blunt he was.”

Belichick was interviewed for his portion of the documentary over the summer, before the Patriots disastrous 4-13 season, according to Curran.

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“You’ll see at length in this documentary the number of times he says, ‘I’m not commenting on that.’ … Or just gives a blank three word answer and then the camera doesn’t blink and just sticks on him as he adjusts his jaw. There’s a lot of that.”

Curran added: “I don’t think Bill liked it. I don’t think Bill’s gonna love it but it’s not slanted. We do have Matthew Slater or Devin McCourty giving a very unvarnished opinion that is unflattering to Bill on the way he created an atmosphere in the latter portions of the dynasty.”

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Apple TV will release two episodes each Friday starting Feb. 16 with the final two episodes airing on Mar. 15.

Featured image via Brian Fluharty/USA TODAY Sports Images