The National Football League Player’s Association (NFLPA) released report cards Wednesday for all 32 NFL teams for the second consecutive year.

While some teams will benefit from their scoring, teams like the New England Patriots among others may have to take a deeper look at treatment and amenities for players.

Teams certainly had some rather unorthodox reports during the inaugural set last season. This year, NFL teams featured more of the same following the 2023 season.

Here is a quick review of some of the wildest practices around the NFL that caught the attention of the NFLPA, as written in each team’s report card:

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Atlanta Falcons (No. 25 overall)
“The players feel that the strength coaches detract from their overall success. … Player describe it as a toxic environment. They are complimentary of the assistant strength coaches, so the issues are directly related to the head strength coach (who has been terminated).”

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Cincinnati Bengals (No. 26 overall)
“As an improvement from last year, the team decided to offer dinner to players once a week. … Unlike nearly every other team in the NFL, the Bengals do not employ a full time dietician.”

“The players reported that half of the showers in their locker room don’t function properly, lacking either warm water or sufficient water pressure. They also mention persistent plumbing issues, leaving them with only five functioning toilets for the entire team.”

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Kansas City Chiefs (No. 31 overall)
“The good news is that after many years, the team provided actual chairs for players to use at their lockers. The issue, however, is that the players feel that the team promised them much more. The original plan was for the team to do a full renovation of the locker room after the ’22 season. However, the team never followed through with that promise.”

“Some players say they are unable to get rehab done to prepare for practice and reference an overall lack of care by the team.”

“Club owner Clark Hunt receives a rating of 4.9/10 from Chiefs players when considering his willingness to invest in the facilities.”

Los Angeles Chargers (No. 30 overall)
“They provide daycare but not onsite and players have to pay. The team charges $75 for the first child and $50 for each additional child per family. A major complaint from players is that daycare is not convenient for the families to use and that the team charges players, unlike most of the teams in the NFL.”

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“The players’ rating of their travel schedule positions them as the fourth worst in the league. The team refuses to send an equipment truck ahead of time, causing them to sit on the tarmac waiting for the plane to be loaded and unloaded.”

New Orleans Saints (No. 19 overall)
“Several players are looking for fresher, healthier and better-quality food. They do not feel the food program is up to the standard of a professional sports team.”

New York Jets (No. 21 overall)
“Some are frustrated that corporate partners have field passes pregame, but players can’t get their significant others/children to come down before the game.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 24 overall)
“Daycare is $90 per child.”

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“The major issue brought up by players is a lack of cleanliness. The players say the locker room is not clean, constantly smelly and has persistent bug issues in the showers. They also mention that the sauna is dirty and/or moldy, small and constantly breaking down.”

“Younger players have roommates, unless they pay the team approximately $1,750 for their room each season.”

Washington Commanders (No. 32 overall)
“Players also mention issues with cleanliness (in locker room), citing multiple sewage leaks this season.”

“Players need larger hot tubs and cold tubs that do not constantly break down and are more sanitary.”

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