Working with two titans of industry brought Robert Kraft great success, probably more than he could have ever even imagined when he bought the New England Patriots in 1994.

However, watching over two NFL legends didn’t come without apparent stress.

The Patriots’ power dynamics across their incredible two-decade run are among the topics covered in “The Dynasty,” a new 10-part docuseries on Apple TV+. Matthew Hamacheck, the director of the project, spent considerable time speaking with Kraft for the series and ultimately came to understand one of the Patriots owner’s top priorities as Tom Brady’s and Bill Belichick’s respective legends grew.

“I think ultimately you realize that this is a guy who wanted to hang onto everybody and didn’t want to have to make that choice,” Hamacheck said Wednesday on the “Up & Adams” show. “I think it really was his goal and his hope that he would be able to keep them together. I think the other thing you really realize as you watch this thing unfold is how much he did try to keep that going along the way.”

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Kraft effectively confirmed Hamachek’s claim with a few remarks in the series. Among them were revelations about regular meetings with Brady, who often came to the longtime owner to vent about Belichick.

Kraft deserves credit for helping keep the Patriots’ ship afloat as long as it was. But as Brady recently revealed, it eventually became impossible that he was going to finish his career in New England.

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