Patriots owner Robert Kraft shared one of the key reasons Calvin Ridley did not sign in New England, and in doing so threw one of Ridley’s close personal connections right under the bus.

“We pursued the people we wanted in free agency, there was one outstanding receiver (Ridley) that unfortunately we couldn’t close,” Kraft told reporters Tuesday morning during the league meetings in Orlando, per NBC Sports Boston.

“It was not because of finance. It was made clearly his girlfriend wanted to be in the South,” Kraft continued. “We had a situation where the taxes were like almost 10% higher — we were willing to keep going on the premium. But he didn’t want to be in the Northeast.”

Kraft also said New England’s quarterback situation “might” have played a role. The Patriots, who currently own the No. 3 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, have a major question mark hovering over their quarterback depth chart.

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Shortly after Kraft’s explanation circulated, many on social media made the same joke while referencing Ridley’s “girlfriend.”

Others took to social media and pointed out that Ridley is actually married with a daughter.

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Ridley reportedly signed a four-year deal worth $92 million with the Tennessee Titans. The Patriots reportedly were $1 million away in average annual value.

Featured image via Denny Simmons / The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK Images