A visit to Fenway Park can be a highlight for any young Boston sports fan, but as you get older, have you ever thought about robbing the home of the Red Sox? If not, you’re probably not on the same wavelength as Joe Mazzulla.

The Boston Celtics head coach this week cleared the air on his alleged obsession with “The Town.” It’s certainly the 35-year-old’s favorite movie, but that was one of three movies he watched on a loop while trying to stay up light at night as an assistant, as he said on “Pardon My Take.” The other moves were “Whiplash” and “The Dark Knight.”

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Mazzulla admitted he watched “The Town” at least two or three times a week, so it’s only natural for scenes to stick to his mind. He revealed he’ll sometimes say “say your prayers” whenever he’s at the North End. That also wasn’t the only thing from the Ben Affleck-directed movie that creeps into the head coach’s mind.

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“I went to Fenway the other day and I was literally looking at like exit strategies, like rob Fenway,” Mazzulla said on “Pardon My Take.” “I was like, we could probably really get away with this. How could you not go to Fenway and think that you couldn’t rob it.”

Who among the Boston faithful has not had that thought? You most definitely should not act on that thought considering how it plays out in “The Town.”

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It does bring up the thought of whether or not Mazzulla has seen “Ted” and has fantasized about saving his best friend at Fenway Park.

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