In several of the latest 2024 NFL mock drafts, the Washington Commanders select LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels with the second overall pick.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. believes Daniels is a better fit for Washington under an “offense designed by Kliff Kingsbury” than North Carolina’s Drake Maye and Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy.

“We’re also into how you tailor your offense to suit what the quarterback does,” Kiper told ABC News’ Scott Abraham. “When Lemar Jackson came to Baltimore, and they had Joe Flacco, they had to change from a pocket passer to a Lamar Jackson, who is a dual threat.

“You get Jayden Daniels. He’s a dual threat. No reason to overthink it. When the organization has a pick, you need a new quarterback; if you’re Washington, you don’t overthink this. You take the obvious choice, which is Jayden Daniels.”

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Colin Cowherd doubled down on the Commanders “favoring” Daniels on Thursday’s episode of “The Herd.”

“Even though we know who is going one, and I’ve been told Jayden Daniels of LSU is going to be who Washington currently favors as their pick,” Cowherd said. “Now, I’ve just been told if you look at his style and Kliff Kingsbury’s style and (Daniels’) ability, as the Washington offensive line is in a rebuild mode this year and next, (…) Jayden Daniels’ athletic ability, it’s a little Lamar Jackson, not quite but he can really run, is the kind of quarterback that will endure as you’re rebuilding your o-line.”

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Last week, reports circulated that Washington is interested in Daniels and McCarthy. Maye is the preferred pick for the Commanders, but potentially, those rumors were mere “smokescreens,” so the Commanders wouldn’t show their hand before the draft.

Daniels, Maye and McCarthy are all scheduled to visit Washington in the upcoming week, according to NFL Insider Jordan Schultz.

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Even with Caleb Williams slated to go first overall, the Patriots will still have options regardless of who the Commanders pick.

“New England could go either way,” Cowherd said. “They need a new roster. (…) New England at three, needs a quarterback. What they really need, unless Jayden Daniels drops to them, which I am not hearing. But if it happens, he would work in New England, maybe a little ‘bit ’cause he can move around; they don’t have playmakers.”

Kiper has the Patriots selecting Maye to secure their franchise quarterback instead of selecting wideout Marvin Harrison Jr.

“Of course, they thought they were doing that in 2021, when they drafted Mac Jones,” Kiper wrote. “New England largely brought back all of its key free agents this offseason, but hasn’t added much to an offense that ranked 29th in yards per play last season. Drafting Maye is a start, but the Pats still have a long way to go to compete for the AFC East title.”

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Things can always change between now and the first day of the draft on April 25. But with all the rumors and speculation surrounding the Commanders and what they will do with the No. 2 pick, they will be the team to watch — what they do directly affects New England.

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