FOXBORO, Mass. — Drew Bledsoe and Rob Gronkowski said prior to the Tom Brady Hall of Fame induction they left their roast jokes at their last event.

Bill Burr, however, didn’t get that memo.

The well-known comedian and Boston sports fan absolutely torched some folks during the first-of-its-kind celebration at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday night.

Burr took Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid to the woodshed when he explained why Brady’s legacy would never be duplicated.

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“I don’t want to hear about that guy from the Chiefs,” Burr said. “Andy Reid is too fat to do that.”

During a later skit, Burr showed photos of Brady with other celebrities like Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, Peyton Manning, Julian Edelman and Jimmy Fallon, and Guy Fieri.

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Here’s what Burr had to say while showing those images on the jumbotron:

On Allen: “Oh, look at Josh Allen! Look at him! Tom Brady just explained the Cover 2 defense to him. He’s like, ‘Aw, I’ll just run and throw it to somebody on the other side of the field. I don’t care.’ He’s from Wyoming, he’s just happy to see an ocean.”

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On Edelman and Fallon: “Julian Edelman, one of the greatest Patriots of all time and an unbelievable teammate. Look at him taking the bullet here. He’s like, ‘Don’t worry, Tom, I’ll sit next to him. By the look on Tom’s face, they just switched seats.”

On Manning: “Unfortunately, this photo is proof that God doesn’t love everybody. Some people he takes his time on, other people he just kind of slaps them together. I think the angels were like, ‘God, you realize that’s a baby giraffe neck. You do realize that, right?’ And he’s like, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll just put him in the woods in Louisiana with all my other mistakes.'”

On Fieri: “Hey, Guy Fieri! This photo here is for all the ladies tonight. This photo is called, ‘Who you want to marry versus who you end up with.'”

In a night all about Brady, Burr was a memorable part.

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Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images