On the 20th anniversary of the Boston Red Sox’s historical 2004 World Series run, former Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz found the reunion an emotional one as he reflected back.

In an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Ortiz talked about coming back together as a team and the emotions that came with seeing all his former teammates again.

“It’s been 20 years since and getting together, putting together the whole team, bringing all my former teammates, that was very emotional,” Ortiz said.

What really struck Ortiz was his former teammate, the late Tim Wakefield, not being around to celebrate the historical run the team went on.

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“With the passing away of my man, rest in peace Tim Wakefield, that was something that kind of hit the center of everything because Tim was an incredible teammate, he was passionate, he was the heart and soul of the organization,” Ortiz said.

Despite Wakefield not being in the room for the reunion, his kids Trevor and Brianna Wakefield, along with the late pitcher’s dad were there for the reunion.

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Having Wakefield’s family in the reunion made Ortiz feel like Wakefield’s presence was still around to celebrate with the team.

“You can feel like (Wakefield) was in the room, having his kids around,” Ortiz said. “It was pretty cool, it was very emotional, it was a great time.”

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Despite the emotions Ortiz felt during the event, he was happy to see some of his teammates he had not seen since 2004.

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