Tom Brady was the man of the hour Wednesday night, but a few other Patriots legends were loudly celebrated at Gillette Stadium as well.

Randy Moss received one of the loudest ovations at Brady’s Hall of Fame ceremony, a welcome so warm that it moved the former New England wide receiver to tears. But the volume and duration of that greeting might have been exceeded by the one for Bill Belichick, who was showered with cheers as he took the podium alongside Brady.

It marked the first time Belichick returned to his old stomping grounds since he and the Patriots went their separate ways back in January. And the joyful reception clearly meant a great deal to the future Pro Football Hall of Fame coach.

“Thank you, thanks so much,” Belichick told Patriots fans. “That’s such a warm welcome. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to come back here and see the great Patriot fans. Thank you.”

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Brady himself went on to show Belichick some love later in the evening. The legendary quarterback offered his definitive take on the “Brady vs. Belichick” debate and made it “crystal clear” that there wasn’t a coach he would’ve rather wanted to play for in the NFL than Belichick.

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It remains to be seen what the future holds for Belichick, who didn’t land a job in this year’s coaching cycle. But in due time, he’ll receive his own red jacket and take his rightful spot in the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Featured image via New England Patriots