The Celtics had over a week in between the Eastern Conference finals and the NBA Finals, so naturally, there was only one thing for Jaylen Brown to do.

Boston had shootaround during that time, and it spent days reflecting on the last time it was in the NBA Finals. But when Brown sat down with Good Morning America before Game 1 of the NBA Finals, he gave details about how he spent his downtime.

“A lot of our guys probably spent time with their family and stuff like that,” Brown told GMA, per an Instagram Reel. “I don’t have a family. I’m single. I’ve been busy watching ‘Harry Potter.'”

The GMA reporter followed up and asked Brown which character he most identified with. The All-NBA star first named Dumbledore and then said Hermione was his favorite character. He noted she’s someone who keeps “everybody on track” and “gets stuff done.”

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That’s exactly what Brown did in Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks at TD Garden on Thursday. The 27-year-old dominated on both ends to help Boston earn a blowout win.

It’s not often you’ll hear about Brown’s nerdy side — the three-time All-Star is an avid chess player — but even the top stars will spend their time binge-watching movies in their spare time.

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Featured image via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images