Tom Brady built his legacy of seven Super Bowl championships with precise preparation to dominate the NFL nearly a quarter century.

The former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback now prepares to join Kevin Burkhardt as FOX Sports’ top broadcast pairing for NFL games this season. The on-air rookie continues to do test runs in studio and joined the booth during the network’s coverage of the UFL championship game on Sunday.

Brady joined FS1’s Colin Cowherd to share what he’s learned in the process of becoming the top analyst for a network that holds the broadcast rights to this year’s Super Bowl.

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“There’s so much more room for improvement,” Brady shared on “The Herd” on Wednesday. “It’s almost like when I was a player. I never felt like I did things the right way. There were games where I would go back afterward and think I’m the worst quarterback in the NFL.”

Wins and losses decided how successful Brady was during his playing career. Now, the Patriots Hall of Famer searches for how broadcasts will be validated.

“So much of this is going to come down to the preparation,” Brady added. “Did I feel like I was prepared? Did I feel like our crew was prepared? Did I give them the best over the course of the week so that we could give ourselves the best opportunity to be successful for the fans? The game is the show. We’re there to add our take on it and our analysis.”

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Brady begins his path in the booth when the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns clash in Week 1.

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