While MLB allowed players and staff members to dress more laid back, Red Sox manager Alex Cora doesn’t want his team to always sport a casual look.

Cora made the decision as a way to teach his players how to become a big-league player. The Red Sox wear sports jackets if they fly after a day game, which they will do on their flight back to Boston after the team’s day start against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park on Sunday.

“Teaching kids to become big leaguers,” Cora told reporters, according to MassLive’s Christopher Smith. “Just conversations with veterans, we came to the conclusion that certain days we’re going to wear sports coats. And I think it’s more about teaching the young guys to become big leaguers. And it’s been good. It’s been good. They’re doing a good job.”

Boston still can opt to wear more casual clothes if it flies back home during a night game. The decision was mainly to stop the team from wearing loungewear after every game.

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“Honestly, we were getting sloppy,” Cora joked. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. A lot of sweatpants on the road. So we have to tighten it up a bit. And they like it. They do like it. You see them now, veterans buying suits for guys.”

The Red Sox are taking a different approach fortheir trip to Miami on July 2, though. With the location of the Marlins being in warmer weather, the Red Sox will have a summer look.

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On the following trip to New York, the Red Sox will be in celebratory gear for the Fourth of July.

“Next week we’ve got Miami so that’s going to be summer, beach attire with shorts on the road,” Cora said. “And then red, white and blue for the Fourth going to New York.”

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Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images