Justin Herbert Gets a New Weapon With WR Quentin Johnston!


Apr 28, 2023

The NFL constantly evolves, with new strategies and techniques being developed each season to stay ahead of the competition. One recent trend is focusing on wide receivers with different skill sets. Some teams opt for big-bodied, tall receivers with wingspans, while others prioritize smaller, quicker receivers who can create separation from defenders.

This dynamic has led to some interesting team-building strategies, with some targeting receivers that complement their quarterbacks’ strengths and weaknesses. For instance, teams with quarterbacks who struggle with accuracy are opting for big-bodied receivers who can make contested catches, while those with quarterbacks who excel at accuracy are looking for smaller, quicker receivers who can create separation and get open.

One example is the Los Angeles Chargers, who drafted Quentin Johnston in the 2023 NFL Draft. Johnston is a talented receiver with a unique blend of size and speed. He can get downfield and create separation, but he also offers a big body that can make contested catches. This makes him an ideal fit for the Chargers’ offense, which is looking to take advantage of Justin Herbert’s strong arm and push the ball downfield.

Last season, Herbert became the first quarterback since 2005 to average less than 6.5 air yards per attempt but still throw for over 4,500 passing yards. This suggests that the Chargers’ offense wasn’t taking enough deep shots downfield, which they will likely address with the addition of Johnston.

The Chargers’ new offensive coordinator will also play a significant role in the offensive strategy. With Joe Lombardi out and Kellen Moore in place, the team will have a fresh perspective on how to utilize its weapons effectively. This could lead to a more aggressive and dynamic offense that takes advantage of Johnston’s unique skill set.

In conclusion, the NFL is a constantly evolving landscape, with new trends and strategies emerging each season. The current trend of teams targeting receivers with different skill sets is just one example of how teams are adapting. The Chargers’ selection of Quentin Johnston is a prime example, and it will be exciting to see how he fits into their offense.

Thumbnail photo via Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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