NFL Draft: Did Chargers Take Quentin Johnston to Replace Keenan Allen?


Apr 27, 2023

A wideout from TCU, Quentin Johnson, became the second wide receiver off the board in the 2023 NFL draft. While it wasn’t a massive shock to many, it wasn’t the guy some experts had expected. Johnston is a big playmaker, much like Mike Williams, who unfortunately gets injured quite often. His size of 6’4″ and around 220 pounds make him an excellent candidate to go up and get the ball. He performed excellently against Michigan’s defense in the semi-final playoff win.

While Johnston is an impressive player, some have expressed concerns about TCU wide receivers’ ability to transition to the next level. Washington’s Josh Doctson and Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Reagor were both unsuccessful in making an impact in the NFL. However, Johnston is the one big-bodied receiver expected to go in the draft’s first round.

He is known for being a body catcher, and he sometimes fights the ball, leading to double catches. Many teams preferred Jordan Addison over Johnston due to this reason. However, Tom Telesco, the general manager of the Chargers, has a preference for big receivers. Josh Palmer is 6’1″, Mike Williams is 6’4″, and Keenan Allen is 6’2″.

Speaking of Allen, his contract after this season could be a significant concern for the Chargers. Allen’s salary cap number for 2024 is $34.7 million, which is unsustainable. While Allen is an outstanding player, the Chargers must look toward the future and consider what will happen with his contract moving forward. This year’s draft is an opportunity for the Chargers to consider the future of their team and plan accordingly.

Johnston is an impressive receiver who has the potential to make an impact in the NFL. While there are some concerns about TCU wide receivers’ ability to transition to the next level, Johnston’s size and playmaking ability make him an excellent candidate for success. Additionally, the Chargers’ preference for big receivers may bode well for Johnston’s future with the team. 

Thumbnail photo via Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

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