Which Players are Undervalued and Overvalued in the NBA Draft?


Jun 22, 2023

As we approach the 2023 NBA Draft tonight, draft analysts and fans alike are setting their sights on potential draft anomalies. With a mix of college and international prospects, this year’s class offers a wide range of talents, leading to some fascinating predictions.

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Two names to look out for are Noah Clowney and Brice Sensabaugh, who could be drafted higher than they should be. Clowney, surprisingly, received a green room invite, suggesting he might climb up from the later first round into the top 25 or 30 picks. The big man has showcased impressive defensive versatility and some promising flashes of shooting ability, raising the question of whether he might develop into a Nic Claxton-type player with an improved outside jumper.

On the other hand, Sensabaugh is riding the momentum of a stellar freshman year at Ohio State. His draft position could be a significant point of interest tomorrow night, especially given his high-performance year.

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However, not all prospects receive the recognition they might deserve. One such player who seems undervalued in the 2023 NBA draft class is Marcus Sasser. Despite projections placing him somewhere in the mid-thirties to early forties range, his college performance suggests he could be a hidden gem. Experience and skill often get overlooked due to concerns about size or age. Still, Sasser, an outstanding player at Houston and first-team All-American could be a significant asset for the team that drafts him.

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Trade Up Team?

On the team side, the Utah Jazz might shake up the draft lottery. Ever since their trades involving Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz, under the leadership of GM Danny Ainge, are known for their aggressive front office. With three first-round picks at their disposal (9th, 16th, and 28th), they might aim to move up in the draft order. Prospects such as Bilal Coulibaly and Anthony Black are said to be on their radar, and the Jazz might be willing to part with players or future picks to secure high-upside talent.

Whether it’s seeing a player get picked higher than expected or witnessing a team making bold moves to secure the talents they desire, the unpredictability is part of what makes the NBA Draft so exciting. 

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