NFL OROY Betting Insights: Colts QB Anthony Richardson Making Moves


Aug 29, 2023

As the new NFL season unfurls, it’s time to delve into one of the most anticipated future bets: Who will clinch the title of NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year? The betting dynamics have evolved since the opening odds, so let’s break down where the market currently stands.

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  1. Jahmyr Gibbs:

    • Team: Detroit Lions
    • Opening Odds: +900
    • Current Odds: +750
    • Ticket%: 22.4%
    • Handle%: 19.6%

    Insight: Jahmyr Gibbs has seen a substantial uptick in interest. Despite being initially positioned at +900, Gibbs’ odds have shrunk to +750. The confidence in Gibbs is evident as he leads the way with 22.4% of tickets, to go along with a substantial 19.6% of the handle.

  2. Bijan Robinson:

    • Team: Atlanta Falcons
    • Opening Odds: +300
    • Current Odds: +250
    • Ticket%: 17.1%
    • Handle%: 26.4%

    Insight: Robinson started as a hot favorite at +300 and remains so, with the odds further tightening to +250. Notably, while he holds 17.1% of the tickets, a whopping 26.4% of the handle backs him, the most of all competitors.

  3. Anthony Richardson:

    • Team: Indianapolis Colts
    • Opening Odds: +900
    • Current Odds: +700
    • Ticket%: 16.2%
    • Handle%: 14.9%

    Insight: Another player whose odds have been sliced down, Richardson’s movement from +900 to +700 demonstrates bettors’ faith in his potential. He sits third with 16.2% of the tickets and 14.9% of the handle.

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  1. Zay Flowers:

    • Team: Baltimore Ravens
    • Opening Odds: +2000
    • Current Odds: +2000
    • Ticket%: 7.7%
    • Handle%: 4.9%

    Insight: Despite long odds, Flowers has managed to capture 7.7% of the tickets, though only 4.9% of the handle. It looks like Ravens faithful is showing out for Zay.

  2. Bryce Young:

    • Team: Carolina Panthers
    • Opening Odds: +500
    • Current Odds: +450
    • Ticket%: 7.2%
    • Handle%: 10.4%

    Insight: Young’s stock is rising, with his odds moving favorably from +500 to +450. The talented young quarterback only trails Bijan Robinson on the oddsboard. He’s backed by 7.2% of tickets and a decent 10.4% handle.

  3. Jaxon Smith-Njigba:

    • Team: Seattle Seahawks
    • Opening Odds: +700
    • Current Odds: +1200
    • Ticket%: 4.4%
    • Handle%: 3.3%

    Insight: Jaxon’s odds have taken a hit, drifting from +700 to a less favorable +1200. With 4.4% of tickets and 3.3% of the handle, the sentiment seems more reserved.

  4. CJ Stroud:

    • Team: Houston Texans
    • Opening Odds: +650
    • Current Odds: +850
    • Ticket%: 3.3%
    • Handle%: 2.1%

    Insight: Stroud’s odds have lengthened from +650 to +850. He’s currently backed by 3.3% of the tickets and a mere 2.1% of the handle.

While the early trends have indicated favorites, the race is still wide open. The NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint, and as it unfolds, we might see further shifts in these betting dynamics. 

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Thumbnail photo via Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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