Ryder Cup Betting Trends: USA and Europe Nearly on Par


Sep 27, 2023

As we approach the renowned Ryder Cup, the golf world is not just buzzing with excitement over the competition but also over where the smart money is headed. Betting patterns provide insights, and if you like to put your money where your mouth is, this breakdown is for you.

To begin with, the USA started with opening odds of -175. However, current shifts have changed the story a bit, with current odds now at +100. While the team seems to have almost even odds now, bettors appear somewhat divided. The %Bets on the USA stands at 46%, while the %Handle is slightly higher at 49%. This indicates some high-stake bets placed on the USA, despite them not having the majority of total bets.

The possibility of a Tie always brings intriguing odds in any sport, and this Ryder Cup is no different. Starting at an opening odds of +1200, the odds for a tie have been slashed to +1100 in recent betting patterns. However, the overall belief in a tie seems limited, with only 13% of the bets leaning toward this outcome. More surprisingly, the handle for the tie stands at a mere 3%, showing that not many high rollers are willing to back a draw.

Last, but by no means least, we have Europe. They started with opening odds of +175 but have since seen their odds shorten to +110, almost making them on par with the USA. Betting trends show that Europe has a strong backing with 41% of the Bets. More revealing is the %Handle for Europe, which stands at a robust 48%. This suggests that a large chunk of the money is being placed on Europe, potentially by those with deeper pockets.

While the odds indicate a neck-and-neck race between the USA and Europe, the betting patterns reveal a more nuanced picture. The handle percentages, especially, show where the larger bets are leaning. As always, while these insights provide a snapshot of current sentiments, the actual outcome will be decided on the greens and fairways. The Ryder Cup promises to be a riveting contest, both for the golfers and the punters.

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Thumbnail photo via Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Sports

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