ALCS Showdown: Astros’ Potential Comeback Against Rangers


Oct 19, 2023

It’s an electrifying time for baseball fans, as the ALCS series sees the Texas Rangers holding a 2-1 lead over the Houston Astros. Given the games so far, fans are assured at least five games. But the question on everyone’s mind is: will the action swing back to Houston for a sixth game?

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From the beginning, even when Houston trailed 0-2, the potential for a full-length series was palpable. Despite the current series advantage for Texas, history has shown us that it might be too early to place our bets.

No team has been as unpredictable as the Rangers throughout the season. They’ve showcased the inconsistency that keeps fans and critics on their toes. They might be on fire for two weeks, scoring an impressive ten runs a game, making them look unbeatable. Yet, in the blink of an eye, the same team might struggle, leaving runners in scoring position, finding it hard to get a hit or even score.

Such has been the baffling journey of the Rangers this season. Up until their last game, their postseason performance seemed to be on an upward trajectory. But as we’ve seen throughout this season, the Rangers don’t operate on a middle ground. They swing from extraordinary to underwhelming in no time.

Given this track record, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the momentum shift and suddenly find ourselves heading back to Houston with a leveled scoreboard.

ALCS Betting Odds:

  • Texas Rangers to win the series: -230
  • Houston to win the series: +188
  • Series to go five games: +250
  • Series to go six games: +164
  • Series to go seven games: +160

The unpredictability of this ALCS series makes it all the more thrilling. One can only hope for more jaw-dropping plays and unexpected turns as the games unfold.

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