MLB Postseason Ratings: What Trends Have Transpired?


Oct 19, 2023

As we find ourselves in the heart of October baseball, the Major League Baseball postseason has been nothing short of thrilling. The excitement in Philadelphia, where Red October has taken center stage, is palpable, but let’s take a closer look at how this postseason has played out from a TV ratings perspective.

We’ve raised an interesting point about the absence of the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, and New York Mets from this year’s postseason. Traditionally, these powerhouse teams have been seen as the major draw for television viewers. However, in 2023, the storylines have taken a captivating turn, challenging the notion that only these iconic franchises can guarantee success in the postseason.

One cannot deny that the Philadelphia Phillies’ postseason journey has been a captivating tale. The electric atmosphere at “the bank” and the unwavering support of Philly fans have been remarkable. Anecdotally, there seem to be more watch parties dedicated to the Phillies all over the country than any other non-local team. The Phillies’ dedicated following is a testament to the passion of fans in the Philadelphia area.

The bottom line is this: the Phillies are crafting a great story once again this year. Their remarkable journey last season left an indelible mark, and this year’s performance suggests they may be destined for even greater heights. However, they face a formidable opponent in the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have the advantage of playing three crucial games at home. The series promises to be a rollercoaster, and it remains uncertain whether it will even reach a decisive Game 6 back in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers have reignited the competitive spirit that makes October baseball so captivating. With every pitch and every swing, the Astros and their opponents have rekindled the passion of baseball fans everywhere.

In a postseason where the traditional powerhouses have taken a back seat, it’s the underdogs and unexpected storylines that have captured the hearts of fans. The drama, suspense, and unpredictability of baseball are on full display, reminding us why this sport holds a special place in our hearts.

As we continue to enjoy the postseason action, let’s embrace the uncertainty and savor the moments that make October baseball truly special. Whether you’re a die-hard Phillies fan or a baseball enthusiast from afar, there’s no denying that this year’s MLB postseason has been one for the ages, filled with excitement and unforgettable memories.

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