NHL Vezina Trophy Winner Betting Trends: Shesterkin Seeing Heavy Action


Oct 9, 2023

The race for the Vezina Award, given annually to the NHL’s top goaltender, is heating up as the season approaches, and the betting odds provide a fascinating look into who might come out on top. Let’s dive into the numbers from BetMGM Sportsbook.

Vezina Trophy Winner Insights

  • Highest Ticket%: Jake Oettinger 25.7%
  • Highest Handle%: Igor Shesterkin 37.1%
  • Biggest Liabilities: Jake Oettinger
  • Odds Leader: Ilya Sorokin +500

Jake Oettinger of the Dallas Stars remains a standout favorite among bettors, even if the odds have held steady. Starting with opening odds of +1200, they remain unchanged. However, he has a commanding 25.7% of tickets, which tops all contenders and holds an 18.0% handle percentage.

Next in line is Igor Shesterkin from the New York Rangers. With opening and current odds at +600, he’s captured 12.1% of tickets, but what’s truly impressive is his 37.1% handle percentage, indicating a significant amount of the total money wagered. Shesterkin clearly has some big bets behind him, with a substantial lead in handle.

Ilya Sorokin of the New York Islanders is also drawing attention. Despite strong odds of +500, which haven’t shifted since opening, his ticket percentage stands at 11.7%, but a modest handle of 6.1% suggests fewer high-value bets on him.

Alexandar Georgiev, another netminder from the Colorado Avalanche, might be considered a long shot with odds of +2200, but don’t write him off just yet. He’s managed to pull in 9.2% of the tickets and a notable handle of 13.1%.

The Nashville Predators’ star, Juuse Saros, matches Shesterkin with odds of +600. However, his 3.9% ticket percentage and 2.4% handle showcase a less confident backing from the betting public.

Former Vezina winner Connor Hellebuyck of the Winnipeg Jets sits with odds of +650. His 1.9% ticket and 1.0% handle percentages are on the lower end, but seasoned watchers know it’s unwise to count him out.

Lastly, the often-acclaimed Andrei Vasilevskiy from the Tampa Bay Lightning is an interesting case. His odds stand at +800, and while he ties Hellebuyck with a 1.9% ticket percentage, his handle is a mere 0.4%, perhaps suggesting less faith in a repeat win.

With these numbers, the Vezina race seems wide open, showcasing a blend of young talent and seasoned pros. As the season progresses, these odds and percentages will undoubtedly shift, but it’s anyone’s game for now. The stakes are high, and bettors are keenly watching every save and every goal against. 

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Thumbnail photo via Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

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