College Football Championship Week Most Bet Games, Totals and Teams


Nov 28, 2023

In the electrifying world of college football, fans and bettors alike are gearing up for a weekend of intense matchups, with several games standing out as the most bet upon at BetMGM Sportsbook.

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Most Bet Games (Tickets)

  • Georgia-Alabama
  • Oregon-Washington
  • Michigan-Iowa

Georgia-Alabama, Oregon-Washington, and Michigan-Iowa lead the charge as the most bet games in terms of tickets. These clashes epitomize the high stakes and fierce rivalries in college football, where conference titles are on the line.

Most Bet Teams (Tickets)

  • Georgia -5.5
  • Washington +9.5
  • Iowa +23.5

In the realm of most bet teams based on tickets, Georgia stands out with odds of -5.5, indicating their favoritism against Alabama. In the Pacific-12 showdown, Washington is an underdog with a spread of +9.5 against Oregon. Lastly, Iowa faces a daunting challenge in the Big Ten with a spread of +23.5 against Michigan, underscoring the perceived disparity between the two teams.

Most Bet Teams (Handle)

  • Georgia -5.5
  • Oregon -9.5
  • Michigan -23.5

When it comes to the handle, where larger sums of money are involved, the favorites are seeing action. Georgia (-5.5), Oregon (-9.5), and Michigan (-23.5) are the most bet teams. This reflects the confidence of bettors in these teams to cover the spread, showcasing their perceived strength and dominance.

Most Bet Overs (Tickets)

  • Michigan-Iowa 35.5
  • Oklahoma State-Texas 54.5
  • Georgia-Alabama 55.5

The over/under bets also paint an intriguing picture. In the Michigan-Iowa game, a relatively low over/under of 35.5 points is the most bet, indicating the public’s belief that the number is too low, even in a game featuring the Hawkeyes. The Oklahoma State-Texas game, with an over/under of 54.5, and the Georgia-Alabama game at 55.5, point towards anticipated high-scoring affairs.

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Most Bet Unders (Tickets)

  • Oregon-Washington 66.5
  • Miami (OH)-Toledo 44.5
  • Louisville-Florida State 48.5

Conversely, the most bet unders in terms of tickets are seen in Oregon-Washington (66.5), Miami (OH)-Toledo (44.5), and Louisville-Florida State (48.5). Despite the Ducks and Huskies having the highest total on the board this week, the public is leaning toward a lower-scoring game.

Most Bet Underdogs to Win Outright (Tickets)

  • Washington +270
  • Iowa +1100
  • Alabama +170

Finally, the most bet underdogs to win outright, based on tickets, are Washington (+270), Iowa (+1100), and Alabama (+170). These bets reflect the belief in the potential for upsets, a hallmark of college football where any team can triumph on championship week.

As fans nationwide prepare for these matchups, the excitement is palpable, with the unpredictability of college football ensuring that anything can happen on the field.

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