Bengals’ Jake Browning Could Turn Heads in Week 14 DFS


Dec 10, 2023

In the realm of NFL fantasy football, sometimes names can be deceiving. In this article, we’ll explore the fantasy potential of Jake Browning, a name that might occasionally be confused with Joe Burrow.

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Jake Browning’s Price Advantage

Jake Browning, priced at $6,500 on Fanduel and $5,200 on DraftKings, offers a cost-effective alternative at the quarterback position. Last week’s surprise performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars showcased his potential, leaving fantasy enthusiasts curious about his capabilities.

Playing with House Money

One key factor contributing to Jake Browning’s fantasy appeal is the element of surprise. Last week’s unexpected performance against the Jaguars demonstrated what can happen when a player feels like they’re “playing with house money.” This fearless attitude can make Browning a dangerous quarterback, even against formidable opponents.

The Risk-Reward Factor

While Jake Browning presents an enticing fantasy option, it’s important to acknowledge the element of risk associated with his play. As a relatively unproven quarterback, there’s uncertainty regarding his ability to replicate last week’s success. Fantasy owners must weigh the $400 cost difference between Browning and Gardner Minshew, deciding whether the potential reward justifies the risk.

Browning’s Recent Performance

Reviewing Jake Browning’s recent performance, we find encouraging signs. His 354 passing yards and 37 pass attempts last week, coupled with a rushing touchdown, resulted in a fantasy point total of 20. Removing the rushing touchdown, Browning still managed a respectable fantasy day. Additionally, his ability to contribute in the rushing game should not be overlooked.

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The Ja’Marr Chase Connection

In the Cincinnati Bengals’ offense, the primary target is undoubtedly Ja’Marr Chase. Understanding the chemistry between Browning and Chase can provide valuable insight for fantasy owners. In games where the ball is consistently directed towards Chase, fantasy points tend to follow.

A Hidden Gem in the Slate

While many eyes might be on high-profile matchups like Kansas City vs. Buffalo, the Bengals vs. Colts game offers unique fantasy potential. With both teams possessing strong offenses and defenses that can be exploited, this game could surpass expectations in terms of point production. Despite the lack of star power beyond Ja’Marr Chase, this matchup is worth keeping an eye on.

In conclusion, Jake Browning’s fantasy upside cannot be ignored. Priced competitively and fueled by last week’s surprise performance, Browning presents an intriguing fantasy option. The risk-reward factor should be carefully considered, especially in tournament play. As you construct your fantasy lineup, don’t overlook the potential hidden gem in the Bengals vs. Colts matchup.

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