Does Zach Wilson Want to be the Jets’ Starting Quarterback?


Dec 5, 2023

The New York Jets and their quarterback situation have become the talk of the NFL, and not for reasons they would have hoped for. In a somewhat disheartening update, the team benched Tim Boyle for Trevor Siemian during last week’s 13-8 loss against the Atlanta Falcons, where the Jets were a +1.5 point underdog.

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Amidst the turmoil, reports surfaced about the organization’s intention to revert to Zach Wilson, suggesting he remains their best option at quarterback, certainly more so than Boyle or Siemian. Despite the obviousness of this move, Wilson’s tenure as the face of the franchise is being scrutinized, with whispers that his time in New York might be drawing to a close.

In a bold stance, it’s reported that Wilson is hesitant about this return, having witnessed the quarterbacks under duress in recent weeks. He seems to be prioritizing his NFL future over a tumultuous present with the Jets. This sentiment comes amidst a backdrop of speculation, which Jets head coach Robert Saleh attempts to dispel, insisting on the unity and focus within the team.

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The problem deepens as Wilson’s demotion to a third-stringer, a position that typically signifies a significant downgrade in a player’s role, becomes a focal point of discussion. It raises questions about the message the organization is sending and its plans for its once-starting quarterback.

The Jets find themselves in a delicate situation. They must navigate the complexities of managing player morale while attempting to salvage a coherent season. There’s a sense of empathy towards Zack Wilson, whose fall from grace has been as public as it has been precipitous. Now, as the organization seemingly beckons him back to lead, the overarching narrative is not just about Wilson’s return but the efficacy of the system he’s being asked to operate within.

The looming question remains: Can Wilson and the Jets find a way to rewrite the script? Or is the relationship between the quarterback and the organization fraying beyond repair, signaling deeper issues within the team’s structure? As the season unfolds, the answers to these questions will profoundly impact the Jets’ trajectory and Wilson’s career.

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