Flacco vs. Watson: The Cleveland Browns’ QB Quandary


Dec 29, 2023

In a surprising turn, the Cleveland Browns face a critical decision regarding their quarterback lineup. Veteran QB Joe Flacco, who has been showcasing an exceptional performance, is central to this debate. Contrary to expectations, Flacco has outshined his teammate, Deshaun Watson.

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Flacco’s journey in the NFL is noteworthy. Remembered for his remarkable tenure with the Baltimore Ravens, where he led the team to a Super Bowl victory, Flacco has repeatedly demonstrated that age is just a number. Despite perceptions of being past his prime, Flacco’s current form with the Browns is spectacular.

His experience and intelligence on the field are undeniable assets. Flacco’s career, prosperous with NFL insights, mirrors the legendary Tom Brady in some ways. Though not Brady himself, Flacco shares a similar breadth of experience and accomplishment, including owning a Super Bowl ring. His ability to read the game and make decisive plays has been a significant factor in his recent success with the Browns.

The big question remains: Why wouldn’t the Browns secure Flacco for at least another season? His current performance certainly makes a compelling case. Flacco is not just playing; he’s thriving, bringing invaluable expertise and game intelligence to the team.

Joe Flacco‘s stint with the Cleveland Browns has raised important questions about the team’s direction and priorities. His performance, undeniably superior to that of Watson in recent times, puts the Browns in a position where they must carefully evaluate their options and make a decision that could significantly impact their future success.

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Thumbnail photo via Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

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